female, italian and evil Ryomen Sukuna cosplay

From villains in jujutsu kaisen There are many. The first season of the anime, as well as this second season, which has already started a few weeks ago, showed off a lot. The film then expanded on the number of opponents to defeat. There is Mahito, a curse that can change souls, and there is the dangerous Toji Fushiguro.

However, there is only one to dominate the stage. A being that currently resides, almost dormant, in the body of the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. The most evil being in existence is the accursed Ryōmen Sukuna, the spirit of a bygone era, a sorcerer of extraordinary skill and endless cruelty who waits for nothing but the moment to return to his ultimate splendor, regaining the strength of twenty fingers and perfect strength. body.

Ryōmen Sukuna is the main antagonist of Kaisen Jujutsu.: Trapped in Yuuji Itadori’s body since the first episode, he is unable to fully possess the boy except for brief moments. However, in these brief moments, he showed his malice by dismembering and killing, even risking the life of his own container to achieve his goals.

Ryomen Sukuna is a scary, creepy-looking man in his original form. But now we see him in a different version thanks to the work of cosplayer Michela Silvestri, also known as Miikhydeafening, who wore a ceremonial white curse dress to represent it. female but no less evil Ryomen Sukuna cosplay anime analogue. With a skeleton on her side, this Sukuna is ready for another kill with her cursed moves.

And for a different take on the character, here’s a Sukuna cosplay created by Megan Thee Stallion.

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