Feng Shui: The Secret to Attracting Money and Love

he Feng Shui He knows that we have certain priorities in life and the most common among humans are happiness, love, money and health. Thanks to this ancient philosophy, we know that there are techniques that can make our journey to these goals with fewer obstacles and our lives easier in some way.

the best thing is everything Feng Shui It is recommended to focus on your personal space, not to hurt others or yourself, but to get to know yourself thoroughly, and based on that, understand what you want and how to get it.As for love and moneythe most sought after in life, Feng Shui When you’re ready to change your life and accept these gifts appropriately, there are a few techniques for creating that attraction.

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clean and tidy kitchen

inside Feng ShuiThe quality of the kitchen is directly related to our luck and the attraction of money. To do this, you must keep your kitchen clean and tidy at all times, especially the refrigerator and countertops, cabinets or kitchen island (if you have one). Take special care of your refrigerator by always keeping it clean, organized and filled with fresh, clean food that you actually use. In your fridge and elsewhere in your kitchen, there shouldn’t be expired food or products you bought once and didn’t like sitting in cupboards.

This accumulation tells the universe that you don’t have enough space, so you have to throw away all those things you don’t use; as an extra tip, Feng Shui recommends keeping pots of plants and fresh herbs in the kitchen. Also do not forget about the stove, which must be free from dirt and other utensils.

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red, purple and green

inside Feng Shui Everything directly affects our way of life and the arrangement of our destiny. Colors are just that, each color carries a specific energy and symbolizes a major element in the universe. Feng Shuitherefore, his suggestion for attracting money is to paint certain areas of the house red, purple and green, the colors of money and abundance.

These are strong and majestic tones that certainly need to be used with care. If possible, use your bagua chart and compass to locate money, fame and success zones in your home. If you don’t have this possibility, you can focus on the dining room or living room. You can paint your walls in these colors so the hue doesn’t overwhelm you, or you can use the colors of your furniture and decor. Through specific decor such as pictures, large furniture, or even rugs, you can convey this money-attracting energy.

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inside Feng ShuiWater is one of the most powerful elements, it purifies, transforms, calms and heals, but at the same time it is too unstable an element and the word unstable we don’t want to hear about economy and affluence , because what we generally seek is financial stability as affordable as possible. Therefore, to attract money, Feng Shui Tips There is not much water in the zone of economic and professional success, because the flow of water energy will take away all the abundance in the home.

he water element It is used in very specific rooms and very specific matters, such as in the health and family areas, for better communication and keeping health free from complications. Another very important tip is to never have any problems with dripping faucets or pipes.it’s like making money.


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For love, semiotics is essential.inside Feng ShuiOne of the best tricks for attracting love is to place ornaments in pairs. A bed with two pillows, two cushions, two vases, two sofas, two bedside tables, two lamps… With this decoration, you will get rid of the symbolism of lonely life and convey the What is important is living together as a person. A pair, so it is true in all objects.

So if your home is decorated with this pairing, the energies around you and within your space will be ready for an energetic vibrational shift that separates singleness from your vibrational alignment. To add something to someone else is to invite a partner into your life.

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As for the space, it works almost like a pair of decorations.exist Feng Shui Space is critical to communicating and controlling the energy of the home. So what if your intention is to attract in love? Feng Shui The advice is to free up enough space to convey the message that you are ready for couple life or that there is room in your life for love and companionship.

A spacious bed, a sofa for two, a spacious dining room, a clean kitchen with more than enough utensils, this is a Feng Shui Tips For the abundance of love and encouragement towards the goal of starting a couple’s life. It is also recommended that you keep some free drawers in your wardrobe or cupboard.

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Photos and Happy Memories

Facilitate the fall of love into your life, an excellent Feng Shui Advice Just decorate your walls with images that accurately convey love and happiness. The ideal is to avoid isolated photos or images of people and instead include photos and pictures of meetings, important events, pictures with rich colors and harmonious images.

If you’re already in a relationship, the best way to strengthen your relationship is to post photos of your marriage and your life as a couple, so the romance stays fresh and you remember those fulfilling and loving moments forever.

this Feng Shui Tips They are simple but very effective, it all depends on how you manage your space, how you decorate it and what you communicate with your home and your own energy.

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