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back Ingrid Coronado Confirmation that legal action will be taken against anna ferro vacate the apartment that belonged to her mother Fernando Del Solar, Rosa Lina Servedio, He stood up in defense of the driver’s life, noting that he wanted justice to be done and the events that put his son’s name in dispute.

On August 1st of this year, Fernando del Solar was confirmed by the Senate of the Republic for the coroner, and some of his friends and family were also invited.

After the documents are delivered, iron Seville and his wife met with the media, who were questioned about Ingrid Coronado’s recent statement in which she said she would continue to fight for part of her children’s legacy.

Faced with these issues, Fernando’s mother regrets that the situation continues to be discussed because her son never wanted to involved in such scandals.

“Phil never wanted this. All I ask is that justice be done, the truth come out, my grandchildren be happy, and that things will be settled for Fou,” he declared.

Likewise, he stressed that he had not seen his grandson since his son’s death.

“I keep in touch with the kids through messages. Of course, it’s not that I’m forbidden to see them, but whenever we make an appointment, obviously the kids ask for permission, but when we arrive (at the appointment) Fernando del So Lal’s mother said: “It turned out their mother took them for a walk. So I haven’t seen them since Phil left. ”

Finally, he added that people are making their own judgments, but they don’t know Anna or who Ingrid is, “I know both of them.”

When did Fernando del Sola die?

he July 16, 2022during the broadcast of “Venga la alegría”, publicly reported the news of the death of Fernando del Solar at the age of 49.

The next day, details about the circumstances of his departure were provided: Fernando died at his home Cuernavaca, State of Morelos, His body will be moved to Mexico City for his funeral.

Anna Ferro, who was Del Solar’s wife from April 2022 until her death, revealed the cause of her death was pneumonia Deteriorated due to decreased defense weak lungs Caused cancerand the emotional impact of his father’s death 18 days earlier.

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