Ferrara Summer Festival for 100,000 visitors

What we are experiencing in Italy is undoubtedly the summer of concerts, festivals and live music. If Milan is the capital of big events, with music taking place for dozens of evenings between the San Siro stadium and the two racetracks, Reggio Emilia is not the only one with Harry Styles in Campo Volo that responds in kind.

If Florence, Rome and Venice could probably do more, then among the cities of art it is Ferrara, the symbol of the Renaissance in the world, the vanguard of a movement in decisive development. Since the city hosts the famous Palazzo dei Diamanti, this expression is not accidental. As its mayor, Alain Fabry, says, it has literally become a ‘city of music’. Forget the controversy over the American artist’s failure to say goodbye to flood victims after Bruce Springsteen’s concert, the song’s resonance remains… and above all, the considerable economic stimulus generated by dozens and dozens of incidents.

Among the various events that take place in the city, first of all a truly diverse event is the Ferrara Summer Festival. From June 18 to July 21, you can listen, sing, and dance to everything from rock from Europe to the electronics of DJ influencer Peggy Gow to the soulful rhythms of Paul Kalkbrenner and Giorgia’s Tunes. Everything comes alive after sunset in the spectacular Piazza Trento Trieste, an open-air museum filled with music and sometimes games, with flu runs… or laughter, comedies like Giuseppe Giacobuzzi and Thanks for the show cast. Max Angioni. “My goal has always been to reach a wide audience by satisfying all musical tastes and all generations,” explains organizer Fabio Marzola, president of the Butterfly Musical Association. “From the youngest to the oldest, without forgetting the families. That is why we go from Lazza to Gianni Morandi”.

An exhibition like the Ferrara Summer Festival would have been attractive even in a suburban park, but an art class is definitely an added value. “I focused on Piazza Trento Trieste because it is a unique medieval setting. It transmits a special energy to both the artist performing beneath the Cathedral of Ferrara and to the people attending the concert. One way is the new visibility of a spectacular place. The video that Peggy Gou posted on her Instagram page with footage of the intersection has already been viewed a total of 7 million times”, continues Marzola.

The assessment of the 2023 edition of the event, which runs until July 21, is already easy to hush up and decidedly positive. “Last year, in 2022, we reached 90,000 people by proposing events in two places, Piazza Ariostia and Piazza Trento Trieste. This year we aim for 100,000 visitors in one place. The Ferrara Summer Festival is therefore becoming even more ambitious. Year after year”, concluded Fabio Marzola.

Perfect idea, for those who have experienced the events this year and for those who are not able to attend, to organize in time and prepare a timely itinerary between art, gastronomy and music for the 2024 edition of the festival To do. , For example, Peggy Gau, above, has shown that she likes Cappellaci al ragu more than many of the city’s museums, but the city’s offerings cater to every preference. The right place to start the search is the official website ferrasummerfestival.it/convenzioni/ which, in addition to concert tickets and hotel rooms at discounted prices, offers many experiences to enjoy with family or with friends: on the walled towns Bike tour, a guided tour of Estense Castle, 3-day MyFe card, 50% off ticket price for civic museums… Gourmets don’t worry: lunch and dinner also provided in the center’s restaurant goes.

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