Ferrari and Leclerc fourth at Monza: ‘Best possible result’

MONZAFerrari find a smile again Italian Grand Prix.with third place Carlos Sainz and the enthusiasm of the fans, which boosts morale in a very difficult 2023. The race he saw Charles Leclerc fourth after a duel with his teammate. Moments of apprehension for everyone except the amused Monegasque: “I love these fights because we were both on the edge, that’s what I love most about this sport. – Leclerc said into the microphones Sky Sport. We worked like crazy, it was fun, although perhaps less so for the fans. These duels reminded me of my karting days and I hope we can have more races like this, that should be the goal for the future of Formula 1.”. The pleasure of fighting, which also dulls the bitterness of not finishing on the podium: “In the end I gave everything, but it doesn’t change much because Sainz was on the podium: he should enjoy this day because it will be a special moment in his career. Third and fourth place were the best results, that’s the value of this car; impossible to keep Red Bull behindLeclerc ruled.

Leclerc and the future of Ferrari

The Monza weekend followed closely on the heels of the Zandvoort weekend, which turned out to be a nightmare for Ferrari; in truth, thanks to the performance of the SF-23, a step forward was expected at Monza. In view of the next Grand Prix in Singapore, Leclerc explained: “In Singapore it will be very difficult because we will come back with a very loaded car and we know that is our weak point, we have to fight a lot on such tracks. But this race has given me energy and I can’t wait to be in Singapore.”.

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