Ferrari Expressed His Sympathy For All The Citizens Of The Italian Victims Of The Covid-19


F1 news: team principal of Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, expressed his sympathies to all nationals of the country of Italy, lockdown and isolation of the self in the interest of the prevention of the outbreak of the corona currently

In Italy, the most affected countries by the number two to China. Per day in the week (22/3) local time, Italy had infected 53 thousand more positive cases of the corona virus with a 4.825 victims died. This number exceeds the highest mortality rate in the world so far, even China.

Ferrari comes from Italy, were also affected, squad origin Maranello, also in the vicinity of the plant and in its entire range of operational activities.

The Agnelli family, the heads of the Ferrari and FIAT-hands down the donation of 10 million euros (or approximately Usd 169 billion euros) was to treat of the Italian government in this case. They also bought 150 additional fans and hundreds of cars to the distribution of food and medicine.

Mattia Binotto expressed his sympathy to the Italian citizens. He cares for Ferrari the health of the employees.

“The health of the employees is the main priority of the Ferrari. A change of plans when we arrived in Melbourne is not easy, but we are more concerned with the conditions in Italy”, said Binotto, such as after a crash.

“Ferrari wanted to show a sense of solidarity to the Italian citizens,” he continued. “There are many prohibitions to minimize the risk of transmission and it has an influence on the development of our team.”

“Ferrari is trying to calculate new, the program-development team, but we have to wait until the spread of the outbreak of the virus and its effect.”

He said Ferrari still has not any idea about their plans, before it becomes a bright place, when the formula 1 can be implemented.

“The new Ferrari is able to understand that the strength of the team for the first race of the season 2020, and have a clearer picture. We understand the situation will develop, but I hope Ferrari can run again, as soon as possible, when conditions improve,” he said.

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