Ferrari, fierce controversy: “Contempt for Italy”

In the days of the Monza Grand Prix, there can be no rest for Ferrari, embroiled in an avoidable controversy.

Thus, in the home race, the Maranello team had to face a case that immediately became a sensation in the media and was widely discussed by the fans, who were divided into two parts due to the topical issue.

Ferrari, sharp controversy: "Contempt for Italy"
Ferrari on the circuit of the Monza Grand Prix (LaPress) –

GP Monza gave light and shadows to all, involving the world Formula 1 in disputes that have hitherto been hushed up. Many of the surprises seen in the Brianza area concerned the stables, and apparently one more. ferrariwho is credited with the season’s luck as well as audience affection.

What has become known literally in recent days has not been liked by a significant part of the fans, who have accused the automotive world of being too verbose. International and don’t think about Italian public. Something that came out of the blue and definitely makes you think.

Ferrari movie, controversy arises

It’s what happened off the track that sparked a social media uproar, in a controversy that’s getting fiercer and is being fought on multiple fronts, notably over what’s been presented in recent days at the Venice Film Festival. An environment away from Monza but close to Formula 1 as film presented by Enzo Ferrari.

A twenty-year-old film detailing Drake’s story, focusing on the summer of 1957 with the Mille Miglia adventure. However, disputes arise because of the cast: le criticism of Pier Francesco Favino bypassed the network.

Ferrari, sharp controversy: "Contempt for Italy"
Pier Francesco Favino criticized the film about Ferrari (LaPresse) –

Thus, the actor released his arrows, stating, as in the film about Enzo Ferrari the cast had to be truly Italian to fit the context better. In fact, Enzo Ferrari plays Adam Driver, his wife by Penelope cruz, while Patrick Dempsey (doctor from Grey’s Anatomy) played by Pietro Taruffi. All this did not please Favino and a significant part of the Italian public, who noticed this inconsistency in the film, which, according to directed by Michael Mann – would be as close as possible to what happened.

An argument broke out, as well as memes about Favino. The protagonist, an Italian actor who … played every possible role, as was the joke in “Boris 3”, is now, in turn, claiming more attention for his category. However, Formula 1 films definitely travel to another world, Favino himself played the role of Regazzoni in the film dedicated to Niki Lauda.

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