Ferrari, hot film review with Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz at the Venice 80 | Awards today

Massimo Vozza

Those who, like us, are looking for atypical biopics, films based on true events that find new and interesting light in the hands of famous directors who know how to turn them into works, with ferrari will be disappointed.

Michael Mann tells the story of a famous Italian entrepreneur, dwelling on a particular period of his life (Mille Miglia 1957), but the feeling of events condensing into a kind of audiovisual Wikipedia page in any case, it makes itself felt: there is never a directorial turn, any virtuosity that would lead to the elevation of a Ferrari to a product worthy of participation in the competition of the Venice Film Festival.

And there is never any deep research that goes beyond “rumors” or a simple reconstruction of the facts. never going to undermine the humanity of the characters involved even in the face of tragedy (although there are tears and screams here and there).

The Mille Miglia scenes themselves suffer from comparison with scenes from other directors who tend to be more forward-thinking and deal with the world of auto racing. Finally, the cast, led by Adam Driveking of Penelope Cruzit seems most of the time out of the role, folded into those stereotypical Italian portraits, which definitely from the House of Gucci (again with Driver) are quite tired, like Hollywood, but above all us.

Ferrari will hit Italian cinemas soon with 01 Distribution, Rai Cinema and Leone Film Group.

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