Ferrari, Luca Barbareschi agrees with Pierfrancesco Favino: “Penelope Cruz looks like an exorcist.”

Actor Luca Barbareschi, in Venice to present his film The Penitent, agrees with Pierfrancesco Favino regarding the controversy over foreign actors playing Italian characters, commenting on Penelope Cruz’s performance in Ferrari.

Ferrari, Luca Barbareschi agrees with Pierfrancesco Favino: “Penelope Cruz looks like an exorcist.”

Luca Barbareschi responds to the controversy caused at the Venice Film Festival by Pierfrancesco Favino regarding foreign actors playing Italian roles and subjects. The actor agrees with Favino commented on the scandalous performance of Penelope Cruz in Ferrari.

What did he say

Producer and actor Luca Barbareschi presented his new film, in which he directs and stars, The Penitent, out of competition in Venice, and on this occasion he expressed his disapproval of the trend of Americans interpreting and telling Italian roles and stories. as happened in “House of Gucci” and the latest “Ferrari” starring Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz. “The whole world plays in its own languages, but we continue to think that we need to bow to the Americans until we break. The problem is not in the language itself, we still double everything, but in the culture. Favino is right, I myself said the same thing a year ago, I respect him and find it intolerable this new trend that started with the House of Gucci, in which it is staged as the Italians would say, made by the British and Americans, Italian English read, but because of a mental disorder. Now Ferrari has Penélope Cruz speaking with a Spanish accent, trying to be from Romagna, like the Exorcist with different voices within her.“, commented the producer.

Ferrari, the film’s producer, responds to Pierfrancesco Favino: “There is no star system in Italy”

Barbareschi in Venice

Luca Barbareschi is in Venice this year with two productions: The Palace, directed by Roman Polanski, a comedy of manners presented out of competition (review here), and The Penitent, written by David Mamet and of which he is the director, star and film. co-produced by Rai Cinema. Regarding his presence at the festival, he said: “I feel privileged and happy, I am in Venice with two films, if 50 years ago they told me to come with a film made for Polanski and another directed by me and written by David Mamet, I would not believe it.“.

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