Ferrari made a deadly mistake, nothing good will come of it | You risk failing

Ferrari, irreparable damage
Ferrari, irreparable damage

The Ferrari case flares up, the mistake is too serious to be forgiven, and now he will definitely have to pay for it.

One of the greatest Italian myths is undoubtedly Ferrari, the home of the horse, famous worldwide for its dream supercars that leave enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike speechless. actually the Monza Grand Prix took place this weekend which attracted the attention of the whole world, but in particular our country.

Indeed, the enthusiasm was great, Carlos Sainz, who gave the crowd a great pole position on Saturdaywhich made the house of Maranello one of the most famous throughout the years.

Indeed, the history of this great brand originates in 1947 when Enzo Ferrari founded the company with the 125 S.from now on, everything else is history, a story that was just told at the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

Huge enthusiasm for this highly anticipated film in which Adam Driver (nomen omen) plays a role Enzo Ferrari left a bitter taste in his mouth especially for some truly inexcusable details that demoralized the audience in the hall.

Ferrari has done damage and is now picking up the pieces

As director of the Ferrari film, we find director Michael Mann, who has a deep connection with the House of Maranello. In addition to the aforementioned Driver, Patrick Dempsey joined the superstars.former protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy who was also a valuable driver in his life, here we see him as one of the world’s greatest cars, deceased Piero Taruffi. Among the big names too Penelope Cruz, as Laura, Enzo’s first wife and mother of Dino, the couple’s eldest son, who suffered from muscular dystrophy and died very young.

This is not a biopic, but rather a precise cut of Ferrari’s history, the history of 1957, when Drake was on the verge of losing everything in the midst of a terrible economic crisis. The house in Maranello might not exist today if not for the Mille Miglia race, in one of the last editions before it was canceled after a horrific crash that killed pilot Alfonso de Portago and nine spectators who were there at the time.

Venice Film Festival 2023, Patrick Dempsey, Adam Driver, Michael Mann
Venice Film Festival 2023, Patrick Dempsey, Adam Driver, Michael Mann

A very serious failure that is hard to digest

Expectations from the movie “Ferrari” were very high, especially in our country, but after watching the movie, the general consensus was that not enough had been done, not only for the great cast that took part in it, but also for the fact that the story has so many facets that it becomes an understatement to reduce it to a sentimental comedy, not to mention insulting the memory of Drake and the pilots themselves.

The plot is treated superficially and the splash technique is used to give strength to the flatter moments that involve every step and don’t involve racing, so a good 50% of the movie, but not enough to make the accidents spectacular, even too rough and avoidable, even out of respect for the people involved in them, to make a great movie out of a mediocre movie. Plus, Adam Driver still wants to play Italian characters with that grotesque accent. what becomes an obvious caricature, we have already seen how he tried his hand at these “feats” in the House of Gucci, and that was enough for us, now he also had to spoil the good name of Enzo Ferrari? Couldn’t an Italian actor have been chosen to play the Italian icon, perhaps giving him the right Modena accent? In short, Ferrari made a fatal mistake that is unlikely to be forgiven. and could risk box office failure.

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