Ferrari, Michael Mann on Penélope Cruz: “She bonded with the character on a primal level”

In less than a week we will see a preview on Venice Film Festivalbut wait ferrariNew film Michael Mannstill so high. Thanks also to the new interview with Variety, in which the director talks about the highly anticipated film, highlighting the work of its actors. Adam Driver AND Penelope Cruzas interpreted by Enzo Ferrari and his wife Laura Garello respectively.

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In addition to investigating Enzo’s entrepreneurial success in the automotive industry, the plot of the film also tells a lot about him. marriage to Lauramostly marked by dark moments including infidelity and mourning for death of their sonDino, who died prematurely in 1956 due to Duchenne dystrophy. In an interview with Variety, Mann talks about their relationship. Only a year has passed since the death of their son, and their union is based on grief, infidelity and the inevitable insolvency of Ferrari. At the heart of the problem is the mother’s anger that her husband promised to save her son but failed while her machines prospered and grew.

There is a scene, apparently very beautiful, in which Enzo and Laura visit Dino’s grave on the same morning, but separately. He, usually very emotionally withdrawn, this time faints as he starts talking to the dead boy. Then Laura arrives. He speaks silently to his son, his face full of joy at first, but then bows down as he realizes his son cannot answer. “Penelope bonded with Laura on an almost primal level from day one.”says Mann, adding how it was in perfect harmony with the Spanish actress: “At night we had the same thoughts about Laura.” On one of these nights, as Mann always says, both were wondering how to characterize Laura in physical terms, with a hint of weight. “The next morning we both told each other that Laura should wear something orthopedic shoes to let it loosen up.”

ferrari will be presented at the Lido on August 31 in the presence of Mann alone.

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