Ferrari-Porsche, the truth that no one knew: the motor world was horrified

Of course you have noticed a striking similarity between Ferrari and Porsche, and now we will analyze it. Description.

There are many manufacturers in the world of four wheels who make supercars, but among them Ferrari And this Porsche, certainly the most representative brand in Italy and Germany. Furthermore, the Reds and the Weissach-based company boast a great rivalry in terms of motorsport, which will resume in the next few days.

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Actually, controversy will be seen in the coming weekend. Magnificent 24 Hours of Le Mans, with the Cavallino fielding a 499p hypercar, while the Porsche 963 will highlight the power of the LMDH. Moreover, these two giants have always been engaged in a mad battle in the GT classes, and it must be said that, in our memory, the greatest number of victories went to Ferrari, with the Germans often losing.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the birth of Porsche, which came into the world a year later than Ferrari, and which for this reason also hopes to pay tribute to such an important milestone in the best possible way. We’re talking about two real giants of the world of four wheels, and now we’re about to reveal some truly incredible details.

We are sure that many have already guessed what we are going to tell you about, even if it a detail that is not easy to notice by sight cars outside. In fact, there is a surprising similarity between Ferrari and Porsche that relates to their “hearts”, their distinctive sign. Let’s find out what it is.

Ferrari-Porsche, the absurd similarity here

There Porsche In the last few hours it has unveiled its new coat of arms to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the birth of the brand, an anniversary that we were talking about some time ago. However, the image and logo are very similar to the original, and inside it, stands Cavallino, which as we well know is also a sign. Ferrari,

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But why are there so many similarities between the two brands? The black Cavallino on a yellow background is the emblem of Stuttgart, Porsche’s city of origin, even though the factories are located in the “suburb” of Weissach, as is the museum. On the other hand, Ferrari has the Cavallino as an emblem as it was the emblem used by the ace of the sky. francesco baracawho challenged their opponents to print on their aircraft with their logos.

Although, in 1918, Baraka was shot, his mother then decided to contact Enzo Ferrari, who founded the Modena team in 1929 in which the cars of the racing departmentAlfa Romeo, Therefore, from the very beginning, Drake’s cars carried this crest as well as that of the House of Porsche.

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In explaining the origin of the two logos, we understand that nothing is common and that everything is just the result of coincidence. In fact, Ferrari and Porsche have very similar logos., but for completely different reasons that have nothing to do with each other. But both keep praising us for their beauty.

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