Ferrari, sensational announcement: we are finally here, after so many years, a clip has appeared

Ferrari is one of the most beloved brands in the world, so the new announcement in the video is one of the most anticipated.

Legendary Enzo Ferrari liked to say: Tell a child to draw a car and he will draw it red.”. In a way, this is true, it is for this reason that Drake decided to give life to the legend of Ferrari with this particular color, with prancing horse what is in the history of four wheels.

Enzo from the Ferrari movie
Ferrari, here is the clip (MondoFuoristrada)

There is no doubt that there has never been a brand anywhere in the world with such prestige and allure as Ferrari. In fact, everyone knows this reality, and, most importantly, very few lucky people have the opportunity to get it.

There ferrari in fact, it is a symbol of prestige and splendor, which makes it possible for all the lucky ones who have it to own a status symbol. prancing horse over the years, he has grown a lot and, above all, made it clear that even despite the various changes in these periods, he is always in charge.

What made him unique was the charm he was able to bring to F1. In fact, only Ferrari was able to take part in all of them. World Cup, from 1950 to the present day, and in this way he was also able to become the most successful in history.

There ferrari it enjoys great charm and admiration not only in Italy, where the logo is perceived almost as a religion, but also abroad it is well known. The United States is known to be the country that pays the most attention to aesthetics and luxury, which is why there is such a myth as ferrari this, of course, could not go unnoticed.

There have been several films based on the myth of the Reds, but now another one is about to appear. Big success”Ford v Ferrari”came to Italy called “Le Mans 66”, brought it like this Hollywood create another masterpiece.

New film about Enzo Ferrari: here is the cast

So, now it’s time for the USA to give life to a film that can trace the most important stages of a legendary career. Enzo Ferrari. An entrepreneur from Modena is one of those who could write the most important pages in the history of Italy and the automotive industry, and Enz will be interpreted Adam Driver.

Adam Driver new Ferrari movie
Adam Driver (YouTube – MondoFuoristrada)

On the other hand, with such a surname, he could only be the ideal actor to interpret the Modenesian myth. There will also be some of the most important names Hollywood, such as, for example, Penelope Cruz who will take part in the film as Laura, Drake’s wife.

A very important role also belongs to Lina Lardy, or the mistress of the entrepreneur, who will interpret Shailene Woodley. The film will be based on the book “E.nzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine of Brock Yeats. Michael Mann Thus, his goal is to give life to a film that can establish itself as a tribute to Scuderia and Ferrari. Man and the whole world are looking forward to seeing this new masterpiece.

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