Ferrari, trailer for Michael Mann’s highly anticipated new film starring Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz

Italian teaser trailer ferrarithe highly anticipated new film from the four-time Academy Award nominee. Michael Mann (Heat, Last of the Mohicans, Pledge, Public Enemy, Miami Vice, Ali, Thief), which will be presented tomorrow, August 31, in the competition for 80th Venice International Film Festival.

Movie legend story who created an indestructible myth, becoming a world icon. Oscar nominee Adam Driver plays Enzo Ferrari in an epic, spectacular and gripping story set in the exciting and perilous world of 1950s motor racing.

Below is the Italian teaser:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Modena, 1957 Enzo Ferrari, a former driver and builder of the most famous cars in the world, is going through a personal and professional crisis. The company he created ten years ago out of thin air is in serious trouble, and even the marriage to his wife Laura becomes increasingly turbulent after the death of their only son Dino and the discovery of the existence of Piero, son of Ferrari. from extramarital affairs. In search of redemption, the Drake decides to bet everything on a high-speed race held in Italy: the legendary Mille Miglia.

In the Ferrari cast, along with Adam Driver, we also find an Oscar winner. Penelope Cruz as Laura’s wife, and also Shailene Woodley who plays Lena Lardy, Patrick Dempsey AND Jack O’Connell dressed as pilots Piero Taruffi and Peter Collins, Sarah Gadon as Linda Christian and Gabriel Leone represented by the charismatic Fon De Portago.

Written Troy Kennedy Martin (“The Italian Job”) and Mann himself, the film is based on the novel Brock Yates “Enzo Ferrari: Man and Machine” and was filmed in Italy. Michael Mann is also a producer for his company Moto Pictures along with PJ van Sandwijk, John Friedberg, Lars Sylvest, Thorsten Schumacher, Gareth West, Thomas Heislip and ILBE Andrea Iervolino and Monica Bacardi.

Even the film crew boasts prominent names, including an Oscar-winning director of photography. Eric Messerschmidtproduction designer Maria Dzhurkovictwo-time Academy Award nominee, two-time Academy Award nominee, costume designer. Massimo Cantini Parrinihairdresser and makeup artist Aldo Signoretti4 Academy Award nominations, Oscar for Sound Lee Horloff and locksmith Peter Scaliawinner of two Oscars.

Ferrari is produced by STX Entertainment exclusively for Italy. Leone Film Group in collaboration with Paradise Cinema and will be released in theaters soon with 01 Distribution.


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