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Wasser’s “Dilemma”

Frederic Vasseur just over a year ago, he expressed to Ferrari senior management his willingness to take over Mattia Binotto’s legacy should the then team principal and managing director of Maranello Scuderia end his adventure at the helm of Ferrari prematurely (Binotto’s contract ran until the end of 2023).

The French manager was given the opportunity to immerse himself in a unique world universe in which it is difficult to determine what wins the sprint between honors and the burden of leadership on the track of the most supported Scuderia on a global level. . Season 2023 until it brought the satisfaction expected the day beforeThe number of wins is still zero, but the same goes for all rivals except the dominant Red Bull.

Podcast Guest Off the grid Wasser explained what he would ask Drake if he had the chance:If Enzo were alive, I would ask him if he is proud of what Ferrari is today.. I don’t know what he would say, but I’m sure that as a “competitor” he would like to achieve better results and focus more on performance. As a businessman, I think he would be very happy with Ferrari’s current image in the world.”

“I remember Enzo saying this the best Ferrari was always next – added Wasser, – I think this is a good signal in terms of innovation and quality: the best is always coming. As a team leader, I like to say that tomorrow we have to do better than today, I don’t want to look at the long term.”. Maranello Scuderia’s absence from Formula 1 titles has been going on for more than 15 years, and returning Ferrari to the top is a “duty” that Vasser feels mainly to the fans: “If you go to Silverstone there will be McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari fans there. If you go to France, there will be Alpine and Ferrari fans. If you go to Germany, there will be Mercedes and Ferrari fans. Around the world, half the people are Ferrari fans, it’s magic and I would be very happy to win for themto thank them for all the support during these years without titles”– he concluded.


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