Ferris Bueller and the crazy day off

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, known in Italy as Crazy Vacation Day, is a production signed by John Hughes (The Breakfast Club/Ticket for Two/Uncle Buck and Me/Gentle Cane), a director who is one of the founders of Bret. Pak, this kind of work, which had great prestige, especially in the eighties, and tells about stories related to the theme of adolescence.

The comedy, lasting over an hour and a half, features Matthew Broderick (WarGames – WarGames/Laduchok/Godzilla), Mia Sarah (Time Cop – Future Investigation/Fatal Deception/Legend) Alan. Cancer (“Bad Boys”, “Speed”, “Twister”) Jennifer Gray (“Dirty Dancing”, “Red Dawn”, “The Damned Broadway”) and Geoffrey Jones (“Beetlejuice”, “Piggy Sprite”, “Howard and fate of the world”, “Devil’s Advocate”). ). Charlie Sheen also had a minor role (Hot Shots!/Sex and Hostage Escape/Spin City and Two and a Half Men).

Filmed in 1986, the story tells the story of Ferris Bueller, a senior in high school who decides to pretend to be sick in order to skip a day of school and spend the day fun and carefree in the company of his closest friend Cameron. and girl Sloane. Aboard the historic Ferrari, the trio will enjoy all that Chicago has to offer, while the headmaster will do everything in his power to catch them red-handed in order to have a good reason to let poor Ferris down and force him to spend another year at school. . ‘Institute.

One of the features of the film is the constant destruction of the fourth wall by the main character, who goes directly to interact with the viewer, telling him his philosophy of life, his thoughts and plans, even arriving after the final credits to drive him crazy. away, remembering that the film is already over and therefore there is no need to stay there anymore.

The great 80s classic, A Freaky Day Vacation is being revived in the home video market by Paramount Pictures and distributed by Plaion as a two-disc steelbook, one with the 4K movie and the other with the Blu-ray version. The film is funny, effervescent and enjoyable, in many ways it tries to make people laugh, but at the same time offers ideas, highlighting some of those teenage problems that young people all too often have to deal with and don’t always have the energy to deal with. to the face.

Title: Crazy Day Off – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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