“Fiancé for Rent” – “A Monster Wedding”

rent a girlfriend

surrogate girlfriend

by Gene Stupnitsky; With Jennifer Lawrence, Ebon Moss-Barach, Natalie Morales, Matthew Broderick. USA, 2023.

Maddie lives in Montauk, a coastal town not far from New York that is filled with wealthy vacationers in the summer. She works as a waitress in a bar and also works as a driver for Uber. But if you want, or maybe not (Maddie’s life is rather “disordered”) after a more than judicious sequence of unpaid fines her car is impounded. But without the car, Maddie can’t work as a driver and supplement her income, and without that extra money, she won’t be able to pay the property taxes on the house she inherited after her mother’s death. I met In short, a good mess… when an ad on Craigslist seems capable of solving the situation: a wealthy New York couple with a house on the beaches of Montauk is looking for someone, or rather, someone who is looking for someone who can emotionally and relationally “drop off” his only son, Percy, a lonely and introverted boy whose parents would like to open up about life before he leaves for college. In return for the bizarre performance, the candidate will receive an expensive car, the Buick Regal. Having said that, Maddie is hired but the job, as it’s easy to imagine, won’t be a walk in the park. Percy (who also sings, plays the piano and has a genuine passion for animals) turns out to be far less clumsy than he actually was before, and Maddie herself has to review her approach to the male world. Clearly a generational and adolescent comedy of misogyny, Gene Stupnitsky’s film overturns initial perception by uncovering an unexpected depth of gaze and, net of some predictable frivolity, a delightful ability of contemporary youth to see and describe the world. to be seen.

a monster wedding

a demonic wedding

by Wolfgango de Biasi; Massimo Ghini, Cristiano Cacamo, Ilaria Spada, Ricky Memphis, Paolo Calabrese, Sara Ciocca, Maurizio Mattioli, Paola Minacioni, Elisa Di Usanio, Emanuela Di Crosta, Fortunato Marco Iancone, Greg, Vincenzo Sebastiani, Italy, 2023, with duration 101 minutes .

Nando, the head of the Cornicioni family, has disappeared, ending up in a quick-setting concrete shower. However, it is soon revealed that Nando did not actually die, but faked his death in order to get to a distant tax haven. His wife Stella (Illyria Spada), alone, abandoned, but on top of that she doesn’t have a penny, decides to solve the situation with her father-in-law Vladimiro (Massimo Ghini), an immortal vampire, but above all, Nothing is better than being sidelined. A rich landowner. Joe, thanks to his vast wealth, could magically solve (it would be fair to say) all the financial problems of the eccentric and unscrupulous Stella. However, it’s too bad that Vladimir is already married to Brunhild, a very powerful witch (even though at this point the witchcraft has temporarily stripped her of her powers) who has no intention of leaving her husband. has no intention of

A sequel to the previous film “A Demonic Family”, in which most of the characters and situations are taken over, Wolfgango De Biasi’s film is a raunchy dark comedy, despite an absolutely fine cast – apart from Ghini and Spada, very good as always. Paolo Calabrese and the rising Sarah Ciocca – often losing the narrative line too soon in a discontinuous series of amusing gags – but never able to give the story conciseness and cohesion. De Biasi would clearly like to take a look at comedies like “The Addams Family” or “Frankenstein Jr.”, but alas, the result leads us to the Vanzina brothers’ “Holiday” films.

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