Fifty Shades, Author reflects on success: “I’ve sold 165 million copies, but I have impostor syndrome” | Movie

In an article for the Sunday Times, the author of the saga of fifty shadesErica Mitchell, better known as E. L. James, reflected on the success of the books and films, which collectively grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

The success of Fifty Shades still confuses me. I felt like a lion in a cage, I did not expect such a sensation and did not take it very well. I could not sleep, I was worried, especially in connection with the release of films“.

Then he added:All I did was write what I wanted to read, a sweet and erotic love story. My books were based on characters and their relationships, which I was very excited about. I have impostor syndrome and knowing that I’ve sold 165 million copies doesn’t make my life any easier. It depresses me that I can’t get rid of these doubts, so now I’m in therapy.“.

We are not taught to be happy, and women especially get bogged down in everything in life. I just turned 60 and I’m trying to enjoy life more and spend time with family and friends. One day I would like to work on a film that I really enjoy.”.

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