Fifty shades of (Sasha) Grey –


imagethere is no doubt: Sasha Grey knows of what he writes. It is the best that can be said of his first novel. ‘The society Juliette’ is “the fruit of a deep work of research.” Not speaking from hearsay. What the next E. L. James, as a venture from The Independent? Rather, the answer opportunistic, teenager, chick-lit and hipster to the writer English. If the trilogy ‘Fifty shades’ is “porn for moms”, ‘The society Juliette’ is porn for your daughters.

The argument is not very original. The novel is narrated in the first person by a young student of film. A girl of great concern to sexual to discover the existence of a club select where you meet powerful people looking to make reality their darkest sexual fantasies.

Doing honor to his pose cultureta, the literary debut of the former porn actress is a gang bang of references to literary and film ranging from the inevitable Sade, to the rituals orgiastic of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’; the environments seedy clubs and hardcore (with music gabber) as the taste of Gaspar Noe, the winks sticky on ‘The last tango in Paris’; allusions to his admired Anna Karina, of course, the references to the fictional character with the most identified Sasha Grey: Séverine, the protagonist of ‘Belle de Jour’.

History of sexual exploration with touches of intrigue (or so intended), of psychological conflict, rather than moral, between the act of fantasizing and to make real the fantasies, ‘The society Juliette’ meets the (low) expectations that one can make to a book as well. Sacha uses a style ramplón, with a lot of short sentence, and rhetorical question rising tone (“do you ever have tried to make a blowjob under water”?), that is effective, but not too stimulating.

And what about the sex? A long and explicit. It is treated from the usual female point of view of this genre (the male characters are mere sexual objects or romantic) but, and there lies part of the grace of the novel, with an eye (winked at) is placed in their porn-male fans. When, for example, the protagonist explains his problems with anal sex, “which do not fit”, it is inevitable to imagine the smirk accomplice of the actress. Is that another reading is, between the insinuating tongue-in-cheek instruction manual sex, which puts the accent on the sympathetic and the note outstanding to a novel that, judging by the good sales, what will become a new trilogy? 6.