Fig Leaf Atole, a pre-Hispanic drink with healing properties

he Atole Is a drink of Pre-Hispanic origins consumed in Mexico, Guatemala and other countries Central America.he Fig leaf ator this Well-designed based on corn dough, water, fig leaves, Pironcillo and Tequila.Fig leaves can be broken into pieces big or ground. Now, did you know that this drink is very good for your health?

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Fig leaves and figs.canvas photo

What is Ator?

this Atoles Originally they were cooking sugary flour corn in water.This one has one consistency Viscose have certain thickness. in traditionAtor become sweet and Pironcillo, sugar anyone Honey.




It is worth mentioning that, before them, only corn base; However, now they are also ready rice flour ohflourand also with milk quite water.

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Later, some spices aromaticas cocoa, Vanilla, cinnamon, fennel, orange blossom, orange leafwait.

Atole with piloncillo and cinnamon.canvas photo

Fig leaf atto

Although he as shown in the picture from middle Eastexist Mexico he stands out Production in the following states Morelos, Baja California Sur, Puebla, Veracruz and Hidalgo. that’s why he believes origin of Fig leaf ator It comes from some of these areas.

for development Atole It would be best if Leaves of creole grains.Before serving, please check sweetness.Also consider that you have to filter it, and you can pair it with some the dish based on Tangerine anyone butter.

Fig leaves and figs.canvas photo

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Advantages of fig leaves

this fig leaves they can become great laxative. assistancen in process of lose weight Also helpful struggle this diabetes they can even help arrive balance pressure.Likewise, they are known to help fighting to disease related to respiratory tractas bronchitis.

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Fig leaves.canvas photo

Disadvantages of fig leaves

Likewise, there are some Negative Effects About its use.Fig leaves are incorporated excessive it may cause diarrhea.except it may cause level of glucose too much in the blood low.

Because of this, one must have careful Dangzai touch when you have a shape direct this Leaves as fresh as possible reason rash anyone Stimulate inside fur.

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