Fight Corona Virus, Apple Donated millions of masks for Medical staff

224 – Corona Virus COVID-19 growing epidemic in various world-that would be the unrest all people, without exception, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. He said that the company Apple donated millions of masks for medical personnel in the United States and Europe.

The good news is that Cook was delivered by Tim in a cuitannya on Twitter. Cuitannya these seem to confirm the earlier statement by Vice-President Mike Pence.

In a cuitannya, Tim Cook said that “Our team at Apple has been working to help the source of the supply for the health care providers in the fight against COVID-19. We donate millions of mask for health professions in the United States and Europe. Everyone’s hero at the front, we would like to thank you.”

Quoted from: page The Vergesince the corona-spreading virus and is endemic throughout the world, the availability of masks is almost exhausted. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon says about its employees, that, “Mask supply global shortage.”

Figure Mask. (Pixabay)
Figure Mask. (Pixabay)

Jeff Bezos said that if the company gave the mask to the employees and contractors not to work from home.

Mike Pence said that the Department of health and human Services to hundreds of millions of N95 masks with coordination by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

N95 mask is a disposable mask, which can be treated to protect the nose and mouth of the medical staff of the patients the virus is corona.

Personal protective equipment such as respiratory protection masks, one of the most serious problems for the health of the workers, because this has a self-protection for the medical staff, in order not to be infected, and care for patients corona virus can still.

Not only the CEO of Apple, who have donated, to fight a mask, corona-virus, but also Mark Zuckerberg said that if Facebook can also make a donation of 720,000 mask.