Fight Corona Virus, the violent change of station-TV for the production of the mask : Okezone techno


TOKYO – The number of people infected with the corona virus growing technology companies started in the fight against the spread of the virus. To produce one of them is Sharp with the factory TV with a mask.

Quoted from inewsSharp plans to begin the mask, in one of its factories in Japan. The plan was triggered in response to an increase in demand for masks due to the outbreak of the corona virus.

Factory Sharp for the manufacture of a mask is located in Kameyama, Mie Prefecture. The plant is used in the rule, to the production of large LCD-cited screen installation-TV, from The Verge.

Sharp at the end of March 2020 to make a 150,000-masks, a day, increase to up to 500,000 per day. This device is suitable for the manufacture of the mask, because the standard of hygiene is very important.

Sharp is reportedly not yet determined the price, or the plan of distribution for such masks. Be aware of facial masks are to prevent a common sight in Japan, especially during the winter, the spread of the disease.