Fight News it’s the Doc’s Corona-Virus -, Twitter-Ready verification of These people

179 – Twitter was another step in the fight against the wrong information (it’s the Doc’s) and highlights the source of the info is credible, the pandemic COVID-19-date.

The company said in a tweet that he was “to identify the cooperation with the health authorities of the global community of experts” and make sure that you checked as soon as possible.

Label-verification Twitter indicates that the profile was real, familiar, and the source of truth for a single person, company or organization.

In the past, the review has been attacked because it is the blue label, the group and the individual radicals. Program verification is stopped, in the year 2017, according to the review, the organizers, the protesters true, the supremacy of the white in Charlottesville, Virginia, and, after CEO Jack Dorsey.

But in the current situation, check the blue can help people distinguish the valid information in a wave of rampant rumors and speculation move along with the wave of a virus.


According to Twitter, the company has to check hundreds of accounts, but it seems more needs to be done. In a message to health experts, Twitter said it would give priority to “an account that the E-Mail address in connection with the organization or authority empowered to”, and added link to tutorial “How to update your E-Mail address” in the help center of Twitter .

The company is currently working on a form made available to the public, to contribute to the health experts apply directly for the exam.

“We are likely soon to be filled, a link to a feedback form, the experts to ask, the reports for the review”, commented the head of Twitter’s product Kayvon Beykpour, of the page PhonearenaOn Wednesday (25/3/2020).

Other technology companies provide support for the provision of information quickly and reliably about the health situation as well. Facebook opens Messenger-app-developers, the help, the solution is the delivery of new messages, reports, information about the virus.

WhatsApp announced that the opening of an information centre in collaboration with the WHO, UNICEF and UNDP.