figures and cases to date of deaths, and infections


The Secretariat of Health unveiled this Thursday your updated report until the April 9,with respect to the current situation of the pandemic by coronavirus (COVID-19) who lives in the country. Until tonight reported 194 deaths and 3 thousand 441 confirmed.

The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellnoted that it is likely, according to data analyzed, that the Phase 3 of the pandemic in Mexico happen in the next 15 days.

He pointed out that for this because you have referred to settings and measures of epidemiological surveillance.

Two pregnant women were killed by COVID-19

Hugo Lopez-Gatell confirmed the death of two pregnant women by COVID-19the first cases of its kind recorded in the country.

  • He explained that one of them was suffering from gestational diabetes and the other hypertension; both had morbid obesity.

He called on all the pregnant women to take care of yourself. The prevention measures are the same as that suggested for any other person; but he urged that, be the case, if a woman in these conditions continues to work, must stop doing it.

Mexico and the world is experiencing crisis in blood donation

For his part, the director-general of the National center of Blood Transfusion (CNTS), Jorge Trejo Gómorahe said that the coronavirus leave a negative impact in the supply of blood in the hospitals of the country.

  • He said that this stock is that has decreased the flow of donors up in a 70%. Despite this, he noted that there are currently no shortages; but you must prevent to attend to patients who need blood for their treatment.

“Given the challenges in the National System of Blood, we must develop actions and strategies that will help overcome them, as would be the supply of safe blood during pandemic COVID-19”, the specialist said

Again, Hugo Lopez-Gatell he emphasized that waiting for the arrival of a flight from China that will bring our country another shipment of protective equipment such as gloves, masks and some other materials that will be useful for health professionals.

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