Film about the Eucharist that swept Spain and Mexico arrives in Peru

The successful documentary film “Vivo”, about the power of the Eucharist to change lives, can be seen in Peru only on days Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 December. If the audience on these two dates is significant, the Cinemark chain could extend the screening a few more days.

At the moment the tape can only be seen in Cinemark of San Miguel, at the 6:00 pm show.

The film has been a box office success in Spain, Mexico; and recently it also premiered in Argentina and Ecuador.

Lucía González-Barandiarán, creator and executive director at Bosco Films, told ACI Prensa a few days ago that “this film, premiering in only 9 theaters, entered the top 10 box office of the year on the weekend of its premiere in Spain” .

The films that competed with “Vivo”, he indicated, “were in between 150 and 350 theaters.”

The film is produced by “Hakuna”, a pastoral initiative of Fr. José Pedro Manglano, and directed by Jorge Pareja. The script is by Jaime Pineda.

On the film’s website, Father Manglano explains that “we wanted to tell something incredible: we would never have thought that a piece of bread hid such a deep mystery… and with so much power! We have lived with hundreds of people who, in front of that white bread, have lived liberating experiences ”.

The priest assures that in this film “there is no fiction or actors.”

“We have had to choose, and these are just four of the thousands of anonymous stories as exciting as they are disconcerting that we come across week after week. We had to count them, ”he says.

Lucía González-Barandiarán assured that “we are enormously excited” with the arrival of “Vivo” in Latin America, and “we believe that, as has already happened in Spain, it will touch many hearts.”

“There have been people who when leaving the room have decided to return to the Church,” he stressed. In many cases, he indicated, “it was the young people who invited their families and friends to see the film, that is what has been the key to success.”

“I think this film is going to touch many hearts, it has enormous potential precisely because of its enormous simplicity,” he said.

If you want to request that the tape reaches your country, go to this website https://vivolapelicula.com/

To see the film in Lima (Peru), you can purchase tickets at this link https://www.cinemark-peru.com/movie?tag=742&corporate_film_id=87008&coming_soon=false&pelicula=vivo&cine=cinemark_san_miguel

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