Film Cannes 2023, Eros wins

At the Next Venice Film Festival We’ll See a Feminist Version of the ’70s Eros Classic Emmanuel, We all hope it is a great challenge and the film will be signed by Audrey Dewan who won the Golden Lion two years back with Shakti. Celebration on the issue of abortion. «After pain I examine pleasure», he declares, he considers everything very wrong and it is already feverish.

Meanwhile, two female images come powerfully from the Croisette, knocking them out as they had in the beginning. changed the name of the festival VCears of the patriarch, Winner of the Palme d’Or Justin Truitt, the first shot of the award in his left hand and a lit cigarette in his right, shortly after he shot zero against the government and Macron. There is energy and exuberance in it, almost a form of bliss. Egalité, Fraternité, Sororité (Sisterfucker).

The other cult frame is a close-up on the very brave Lee Drucker. latte dernier, A prolonged and held orgasm, certain minutes of soft gasping, male off-camera, his face set likeMary Magdalene’s Ecstasy Caravaggio’s, director Catherine Breillat’s pictorial reference that challenges and overturns the battles of these years: the fifty-year-old protagonist loves her husband’s minor son with indomitable passion and finally destroys him. For those asking if the famous were present on set privacy coordinator The one who keeps an eye on unfairness and harassment, replied: «No, the actors trust me. There can be no barriers in art».

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This muchfemale eros Catherine returns to center stage of debate with Corsini return back At the risk of being thrown out of the competition for delicate sex scenes between minors, Palma’s winner tells a story of unsettling truth where the protagonist is the victim or perhaps the torturer, we’ll never know, a fragile and vulnerable man like the majority. Of the men seen in Cannes. And again the French maven divides by bringing controversial Johnny Depp into the festivities with his film jean du barry But, smart, she hands the scam over to the casting and gets away with eliminating every sex scene, kissing only; in contrast flamboyant One can take one’s eyes off clever Catherine Parr/Alicia Vikander’s body, on pain of beheading, defending Henry VIII’s violent and infected marital rapes, but the punishment is, sexy Jude Law, thanks to the make-up , deformed and fat.

Sex tears open the veil of modesty after the Weinstein case, not all women find it evil, not all think there is an exact code to make it polite and correct, in fact directors tell it first without being told Fear, because Divan said in Venice, “the body is a political subject that demands rights and freedoms”. And in fact, it’s a title that already has a program that wins as a debut on the Croisette, how to have sex The Do’s and Don’ts of Adolescence, by Molly Manning Walker, a firsthand entertaining manual on the do’s and don’ts of youth, always keeping in mind that everything revolves around consent. A lesson movie in class before every school trip.

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