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The autumn season of “Paradise” begins, offering its viewers excellent films, successful TV series and original documentaries. Below is a guide to the titles you can’t miss.

“Cinema is like a signature to our lives, films that can evoke strong emotions in us.” He said Adriano De Maio V Rai press conference introduce a new autumn season. Well there are quite a lot of them titles International And Italians movie, which will be broadcast on the Paradise channel in prime time.

Paradise, autumn season
Paradise, autumn season. Credits: Paradise – Velvetmag

Never again, as this year, will the schedule be characterized by variety and quality Italian works AND foreign. It is no coincidence that the conference used the studied fact to ensure that Rai’s proposal could become one of the most brilliant to date. let `s talk about 20 thousand hours of programming proposed Film and TV series management. Therefore, major international productions, Italian cinema and Rai co-productions will satisfy this proposal.

Paradise: schedules and a strong desire for cooperation

Paul Thomas Anderson, Ridley Scott, Ken Loach and Billy Wilder these are just some of the names included in the schedules of three universal networks, five thematic channels and on the RaiPlay platform, because, according to Paradise Film and TV Series Management: “(…) THATFor us, cinema is not a temporary solution.but a fixed event on which you need to pay more and more attention”. In addition, we see a noticeable and strong desire to collaborate with various parts of the company, such as Rai, for sustainable development. Adriano De Maio added during the conference that he had already prepared everything. three songs of young people who will participate in Sanremo they will be adapted to be abbreviations cinema, just as the voice of Stadio and Lucio Dalla was once for Monday Cinema. The goal is to focus on valuable content, putting quality first.

Paradise, September
Paradise, September. Credits: Paradise – Velvetmag

And the path that Paradise is taking today encourages the public to explore it with passion. very distinct “spaces”: In-Depth Analysis as dossier; shorts on RaiTra and late in the evening, on Saturday, there will be the first work. I’m pleased with the intention of bringing cinema into homes. – said the director Julia Steigerwalt who presented his own September (ed. broadcast on the third channel) – not only because of the number of figures that can be collected, but also because of the type of audience that will be addressed and that will thus be able to attract attention and trust to Italian cinema.”.

Rai: Ando, ​​Pirozzi and Nebbu at the press conference

At Rai’s meeting with journalists, along with director De Maio and director Julia Steigerwalt, actors were also present. Giuseppe Pirozzi AND Mehdi Nebbu and director Roberto Ando. And it was Giuseppe Pirozzi who spoke about hidden child – a film directed by Ando – which will air on November 17 on RaiTre: “My first big project that helped me grow as a person and as an artist”. The young actor defined it as a very poetic film that tells about the relationship of two equally different people, the salvation of which for both occurs precisely in being together. From September 19th place for Morgan is a brilliant detectiveFranco-Belgian television series starring actor Mehdi Nebbou.

Paradise, Hidden Child
Filming of Roberto Ando’s film “The Hidden Child”, 2020.
Pictured are Silvio Orlando and Giuseppe Pirozzi.
Photo by Leah Pasqualino.
This photograph is for editorial use only, copyright remains with the film production company and the photographer appointed by the film’s production company, and may only be reproduced in publications in connection with the promotion of the film.
Credit to the author-photographer is required: Leah Pasqualino.
Hidden Child set by Roberto Ando, ​​2020
Pictured are Silvio Orlando and Giuseppe Pirozzi.
Photo by Leah Pasqualino.
This photograph is for editorial use only, copyright belongs to the film production company and the photographer appointed by the production company, and may only be reproduced in publications in connection with the promotion of the film.
Credit to the author-photographer is required: Leah Pasqualino.

During the conference there were many presentations by managers of the various sectors of Rai, who explained and presented all the Italian and foreign products that will be shown on the various channels. let’s start with me international films.

Gucci, Creed, Snowman

RaiUno offers first viewing House of Gucci Ridley Scott’s colossal film about the tangled events of an Italian fashion house, with Lady GagaAdam Driver, Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons. Not only Hollywood, France too sends us very successful products such as Fly me away Christophe Barratier e Lady RosePierre Pinault.

Heaven, Father - Everything is not as it seems.
Heaven, Father – Everything is not as it seems. Credits: Paradise – Velvetmag

Action and Sci-Fi on RaiDue, with Stallion And him Creed, Chaos is coming with Tom Holland and Mads Mikkelsen. Snowman Jonathan Hensley with Liam Neeson. Those who want me dead Taylor Sheridan with Angelina Jolie. The RaiTre program is very rich in major international successes of auteur cinema: Father – Everything is not as it seemsdirected by Florian Zeller and winner of two Oscars, including Best Actor for his role as Anthony Hopkins. It’s still Pizza with licoricethe last work of the master Paul Thomas Anderson, Tammy Faye’s eyes Michael Showalter, which won Jessica Chastain an Oscar for Best Leading Actress. Fair of Illusions Guillermo Del Toro with Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett, Portrait of Duke Roger Michellwith Helen Mirren.

Finally, the offer of first shows is very rich. Paradise 4, including action, thriller, horror and fantasy. Among the countless first views, they stand out Run Aneesh Chaganti, Malignant James Wan and the last chapter of the successful saga with Spell: The Devil Made Me Do It Michael Chavez Relentless Fabrice Du Weltz.

Paradise: Italian films

Italian comedy of the latest generation is at the center of RaiUno’s offer. Let’s start with quoting The most beautiful dayAndrea Zalone, with Luca and Paolo, who together with Violante Placido, revive the living interweaving of misunderstandings. Let’s continue Blah blah babyFausto Brizzi, in which a kindergarten employee (Alessandro Preziosi) eats baby food that will magically help him understand newborn language and win over his cute co-worker (Matilda Gioli). Marilyn has black eyes Simone Godano presents a brilliant meditation on mental illness in which Miriam Leone, Stefano Accorsi and Thomas Trabacci. Finally, Natural leftySalvatore Allocca, suggests Claudia Gerini as the mother of a very young football player.

Heaven, I'm going crazy
Paradise, Freaks Out. Credits: Paradise – Velvetmag

RaiDue, true to its calling, sheds light on the contemporary Italian trend towards genre cinema. Among them are impressive going crazy From Gabriele MainettiWith Claudio SantamariaAurora Giovinazzo, Pietro Castellitto. The woman for me Marco Martani with Andrea Arcangeli, Alessandra Mastronardi and Stefano Fresi, and again Diabolic belonging Manetti brothersWith Luca Marinelli, Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastandrea.

RaiTre specializes in auteur cinema. hidden childRoberto Ando, ​​whom we have already mentioned, with Silvio Orlando and the young Giuseppe Pirozzi. It is touching reflections on children and the Camorrapresented next to International Children and Adolescents Day. In the same network already expected September Julia Steigerwalt film awarded two Davids by Donatellowith FAbrizio Bentivoglio and Barbara Ronchi. It’s still Emotional stuffninth film as director Sergio Castellitto who also stars alongside Berenice Bejo and Mathilde De Angelis. History and letters, memories and emotions are also for Goodbye LeonoraPaolo Taviani. Na Rai 4, among others, is the latest film from the master of horror Dario Argento, Black glasses.

TV series: news and confirmations

Outside Morgan is a brilliant detectivewith volcanic and shiny Audrey Fleurot and the inseparable Mehdi Nebbu. In two episodes, then again on RaiUno, one miniseries about one of the events that changed Italy in the 1980s: Alfredino. Italian history Marco Pontecorvo with Anna Foglietta as the child’s mother Alfredo Rampi. Many confirmations for RaiDue, which continues to be an absolute premiere in the tradition of American crime and action films, the fifth season FBI and the second of FBI International. Then NCIS – twentieth season e NCIS Hawaii, its spin-off, which reached its second level. New spectacular cases with missions abroad are also in the sixth season of the series. SWAT” and the fifth from “Novichok”..

Rye, Morgan, the brilliant detective
TournageHPI Saison 3 / Episodes 6 to 8. Implementation of Djibril GLISSANT. Avec Audrey FLERO and Mehdi NEBBU.

Rai 4 hosted the first screening of six episodes of the award-winning series. Turnip. Crime series of Spanish origin with two film and television stars such as Javier Camara AND Monica Lopez starring. Also from Spain, the second and third seasons of an exciting product with real counterintelligence stories: Lin Unidad AND Unity: Kabul. Another absolutely first vision with Nancy DrewThe red-haired teenage detective with unerring intuition, born in the 1930s and based on a series of children’s books, is the protagonist of a new four-season detective series airing from mid-September at 2:30 p.m.

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