Film Festival and Friends in Villammar, the stars of the Mare and all the guests

Villammare Festival

A new issue full of surprises and guests on the twenty-second Film and Friends Festival in Villammar which, after continuous screenings in the cinema, arranged on hotel Le Piane from 22 to 26 Augustwill bring many guests to the streets for five great movie moments between history and new realities, entertainment and music.

August 22 Enrico Vanzina he will be the first superguest to open an event hosted by a journalist Daria Scarpitta, organized by the patron Alexander Kokorullo and cured from Andrea Axel Noble. More than 100 screenplays for 40 years of career and great success in the cinema made together with his brother, director Carlo. On the first evening, in the presence of the director and actress, Ciro Formisano’s film “Live in Tempo” will be presented. Livia Antonelli.

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August 23, director will come Salvatore Allocca which will meet the public and present the film “Maancino naturale” starring Claudia Gerini, Massimo Ranieri and Katia Ricciarelli. Eleanor Giorgiwill celebrate 24 August, together with the 50 Years Career Festival. The actress, a sex symbol of the 70s, starred in blockbuster comedies of the 80s and was filmed by great Italian directors. In addition, “Sunday Tales” directed by Giovanni Virgilio, a film in which Nino Frassica is among the main characters, will be screened. The focus will be on new soundtracks, new musical languages ​​with a guest August 25 LucarielloNeapolitan rapper, composer of music for Gomorrah and for a few fictions like under cover. This is a winning match Ciccio Merolla The Neapolitan percussionist will give a long-awaited concert, which cannot fail to get into the summer soundtrack. Disease.

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August, 26th will take the stage at the Villammare Festival Anna Mazzamauro, the historical Miss Sylvani. The actress will tell her Fantozzi as it is done in theaters with recitation of words and music How human is she?. In addition, to close the 22nd edition, there will also be Giampaolo Morelli, one of the faces that have exploded in recent years between film and television. Translator Inspector Coliandroblockbusters like Song’e Napule AND Love and the underworld, recently the actor also found himself behind the camera. Finally, the long-awaited young heroes sea, Giovanna Sannino (Carmel) and Gaetano Migliaccio (Safe). There will be an evening dedicated to film music, this time conceived in an experimental way to open up to new generations and their language of social networks.

Five wonderful evenings, six guests not to be missed, to which will be added the preview of Bruno Collella’s “Lemon Tree” (filmed in the Cilento) and the international film “Global Harmony” by Fabio Massa, recorded between Italy and the USA. . Actress on the jury A place under the sun Alessandra Masi and the talented Neapolitan actress and director Cinzia Mirabella will not miss the moments of entertainment with Vince Temperasoprano Martina Bianchilluschoir merry singers and screening of beautiful international short films.

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