Film | new Releases of the Week – February 27, 2020


The releases of the Week – February 27, 2020

Alis Ubbo

Original title: Alis Ubbo
Paul Contreras
Genre: Documentary
Classification: M (12
Other data: BY the year 2018, Color, 63 min.

After the crisis, the arrival of tourism and the transformation of the city of Madrid. Alis Ubbo (“safe harbour” in la romana, is a narrative that is accompanied with a bit of irony in the last two years, the change of the image of the city of lisbon.

Benjamin: “The Elephant”

Original title: the Benjamin Blümchen
By: Tim Trachte
To: Manuel De Los Santos Gelke, Jürgen Kluckert (Voice), Tim Oliver Schulz, Heike Makatsch
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Science Fiction
Classification: F/6
Other data: in ADDITION, in the year 2019, the Color, 91 min.

The film tells the story of an elephant, fun, shabby, and with a big heart. Benjamin, the elephant, who lives at the zoo in Boston, a place of happiness. By there, is a great friend of all animals, and a game of human child, Otto, by which they passed the afternoon in the park. Everything goes well until the arrival of the Zora Economy, by which, under the pretext of “modernisation”, the threat of the closure of the zoo for the construction of a new complex of luxury apartments. How is this couple’s save the Zoo?


Original title: Hors normes
By: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
With Vincent Cassel, Reda Kateb, Hélène Vincent
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Classification: M (12
Other data: the PE, in the year 2019, Color, 114 min.

Bruno (Vincent Cassel) and Malik (Reda Kateb) who live in a different world, for a period of twenty years in the world of children and adolescents with autism. The leaders of two of the non-profit organizations (The Car) and The Shelter (refuge), which provide training to young people in disadvantaged areas, so that they can be health professionals, in the most extreme cases, which is accepted by all institutions. It is a exceptional partnership, the margin of the traditional parameters, with very special characters.

The lake of the Wild Geese

Original title: Nan Fang Che Zhan na Hui
Of Diao Ji nan
With Hu Ge Kwei Lun-Mei, Liao Fan
Genre: Drama, Crime
Classification: F/16
Other data: in China, in the year 2019, the Color, 113 min.

A leader of a criminal gang on the run, in search of redemption… is A girl with issues that are risks to everything, to the conquest of the land of the freedom… Both are persecuted by the banks, hidden from the lake of the Wild Geese. Is in the course of a deadly game of what could be his last day of life. Nominated for the Golden Palm at the Cannes film Festival in the year 2019.

Who Is The One Who Commands Here?

Original title: Like a Boss
By: Miguel Arteta
With Salma Hayek, Rose Byrne, Tiffany Haddish
Genre: Comedy
Classification: M (14
Other data: the united states, by the year 2020, Color, 83 min.

Her best friends, Mia and Honey (Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne) are living a great moment in their lives, as they head to a company of the cosmetic industry, which they built from nothing. Unfortunately, they pass through some of the financial problems of the company, and with the intention of receiving a bid is higher than the titan of the cosmetics industry, but she the Moon (Salma Hayek), that is too tempting to let go of your hand, and that, in addition, puts at risk this friendship of a lifetime. The beauty business that is on the point of being ugly.

“The Boy” The Curse ” by johannes Brahms

Original title: Brahms: The Boy II
By: William Brent Bell
With Katie Holmes, Owain Yeoman, Ralph Ineson
Genre: Horror
Classification: M (14
Other data: the united states, by the year 2020, the Colors

A young couple moves to the Mansion of the Heelshire, and without knowing the defeat with the history of the place. Quickly, the child learns of johannes Brahms, a porcelain doll, who became her best friend… And who is going to frighten the lives of the people.

The Gentlemen – the Gentlemen of the Crime

Original title: The Gentlemen
Guy Ritchie
With Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant, Tom Lambert
Genre: Action, Crime
Classification: F/16
Other data: the united states, by the year 2020, Color, 113 min.

The history of the american expat Mickey mouse / Month (Matthew McConaughey), a man who has built an empire of the marijuana is highly profitable, in the city of London. When it is made public the news that is going to try to earn money with the business in which it can reform, they can-if the theory of the conspiracy, the plans, the bribery and the blackmail, with the only attempt of the sabotarem in the field of luxury. Directed by Guy Ritche (Boot – Pigs and Diamonds, with An Evil Never Comes Alone, and with Hugh Grant, Michelle Dockery, and Charlie Hunnam.

Double Lives

Original title: Colors Vies
Olivier Assayas
With Guillaume Canet, Juliette Binoche, Vincent Macaigne
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Classification: M (14
Other data: the PE, in 2018, the Colors, the 108 min.

Alain, a printer of paris, looking for the adaptation to a new world increasingly dominated by technology. The same thing happens with all around him, starting with his wife, Selena gomez, actress in a serial that does not provide you with personal fulfillment, and, Perhaps, the friend, the successful writer, suddenly you are forced to comment, each time more, the new novels of the war on Twitter, which seems to haunt you wherever you go.