film writer explains big difference from MCU multiverse

After the digital release, the writer of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse explains the franchise’s multiverse, revealing how it differs from the MCU.

Screenwriter Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse explains the huge difference between the Spider-Verse and Marvel Cinematic Universe versions. Through the universes of spiders was released digitally, and numerous behind-the-scenes details of the film began to emerge as part of the film’s bonus features, such as the deleted scene of Spider-Man 2099’s team preparing for the triquel, or with those working on film exchange details never seen before.

Movie screenwriter on twitter Christopher Miller, shared drawings made by the film’s team to explain the complex concept of canonical events. The drawings allow a clearer view of how not only they, but the franchise’s multiverse works, highlighting the difference between Spider-Verse and the MCU’s representations of the multiverse.

Why Differences in the Spider-Verse Matter

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spiderman: Through the universes. Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation

There are some key differences between the MCU version of the multiverse and the one that serves as the main driving force behind Miles Morales’ animation franchise. As can be seen from the drawings shared by Miller, the multiverse of the films in Spider-Verse begins with the same traditional representation of the multiverse found in other franchises, a branching tree structure with no intersections.

This detail is already different from the MCU’s take on the multiverse, as Marvel Studios’ depiction of the concept seems to be more linear. Starting with a tree structure, the Spider-Verse grows and twists around itself, beginning to intersect and form a web.

The drawings also show the destruction of the world Miguel O’Hara’s daughter comes from in the film when this alternate world is cut off from the rest of the canvas. Judging by the drawing, a broken reality may still exist, just without connection to the multiverse. This concept contrasts with the MCU’s invasions, which consist of two realities colliding with each other but not separating.

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