Films and TV series worth watching on TV on September 20

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Determined to find his missing daughter, the detective finds himself embroiled in a spiral of crimes that turn his reality upside down. With the help of a talented psychic, he pursues a dangerous ghost. Ben Affleck – main character Hypnoticaction thriller Robert Rodriguez from today Prime Video The film premiered at the last Cannes Film Festival.


While it Oppenheimer in Italy, revenue exceeded 25 million euros, i.e. Italy 1 premiere at 21.20 Dogmafilm 2020, dir. Christopher Nolan. John David Washington He plays a secret agent sent to prevent the outbreak of World War III by traveling through time and bending the laws of nature to succeed in his mission.


Clint Eastwood AND Nameless Stranger, a Western he directed in 1973. The actor plays a man who comes to the city of Lago, where he kills three militants who attacked him. The mayor asks him to stay to protect the citizens from the violence and abuse of a group of bandits, but he also has personal reasons that prompted him to go to this city. On air Iris (channel 22) at 21:00.


TV2000 (channel 28) at 20:57 offers Love and deceptionhistorical comedy inspired by Jane Austen’s novel. Lady SusanWith Kate Beckinsale like a widow in 18th-century Britain looking for a way to secure a good marriage. Her only goal is to find a man who will lift her out of poverty. She sets her sights on Sir Reginal de Courcy (Xavier Samuel).


Robert De Niro, Edward Norton AND Milla Jovovich they form a triangle in Stone2010 prison thriller based on the play by Angus MacLachlan, shown on Paradise Film (channel 24) at 21.10. Jack Mabry is a probation officer nearing retirement who must decide whether he should release Gerald “Stone” Creason, in prison for the murder of his grandparents, earlier than expected. The prisoner’s wife will also take part.

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