Films that show the torture of the playboys, which was paid by the club as a VIP, and suffered, from stroke – 24/01/2019 – Illustrated


For a festival with artists such as a Friend, Blink-182 and Major Lazer, in addition to a long-awaited surprise appearance of Kanye West on an island in the Bahamas, during an event of and for the Vip area, where people have cabins, luxury, food and drink, for the first time. Not to forget the festivals, which are attended by models and celebrities.

It is the expectation of the more than 10 thousand people, of which about two years ago they bought a ticket, payment of R$ 5,700 from$ 945 thousand for each was. The expectation fueled by the hype created by the organizers, who have recorded a clip on the sandy beaches of the island is full of beautiful models Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Chanel Iman, in addition to the Brazilian, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lais Ribeiro, Gizele Oliveira.

Influence of the digital and media celebrities such as Kendall Jenner-would have been due, to increase a US$ 250 billion, or$ 945 thousand, or even have been paid and the advertising, posting something on Instagram about the festival —most of them do not make it clear that he had given the money by the action of the ad.

But the reality was unforgiving. The organisers reported that the festival in the Norman ‘ s Cay, desert island, the former Pablo Escobar. But the owner of the place was pissed off with the Association with the drug Lord out of the house for the event. The festival, Fyre was taken, and then to Great Exuma, an island in the larger, but less charming than Norman”s Cay.

Hundreds of people arrived at the Great Exuma, the day before the date of commencement of the event, on 28. April, in the year 2017. In the time of the chalets are luxurious and the food and drinks are top-of-the-line, and found the tents that are normally used to accommodate the homeless by natural disasters, the mattresses were soaking wet due to a storm the night before, the food is just a loaf of bread, filled with cheese in a bowl; and none of the artists previously announced, view it.

“Once you get through passport control and take the bus, when we arrived at the venue of the festival, we realized that it was not what we promised and what we paid for. There were containers, trucks, boxes, messy, and mattresses all over the place. Some of the tents that were set up, many of them were on the floor. I thought that the property for which you have to pay, it would be somewhere else, but, unfortunately, tents were our accommodation,” she said to the reporter, Seth Crossno, which he says he paid R$ 19 billion for the year.

Crossno and friends joined in the American courts, and the damages paid by the organizers for you to$ 19 million. “But we still have not received anything from Billy McFarland.”

Billy McFarland is an entrepreneur, the 28-year-old, joined the singer on Ja Rule for the event. In October of last year, he began serving perpetrated by a custodial sentence of six years in prison for the fraud on the organization of the festival.

The Fyre, it was a disaster so big that it is the subject of the two documentaries was about the newly released “Fyre Festival-Flop in the Caribbean”, currently on Netflix, and “Fyre” on the platform Hulu (not yet available in the United States).

In the film, the series debuted on January 18, after four days of competition. The series was directed by Chris Smith and produced in conjunction with the Jerry’s Media company, specializing in digital advertising, which was hired for the festival to Fyre for creating a campaign event in social media. The Hulu has Furst on the direction of the Jenner, and Julia Willoughby Nason.

Many of the people in the Fyre —the organizers, the people who worked to try to have the event run, the audience— are the respondents in both films). But the focus is different.

“Natural disaster in the Caribbean will open up enough space to all the models who came out to make some money, to promote the event; it is in an edition of swift’s the story of the disaster, and to humanize the people who have worked for up to 18 hours of the day, and you took it to a Standard.

Now, “Fyre fraud”, makes the connection between the festival and other picareta gene McFarland (one of them is a credit card that are made of metal, that you would give up, what also always show exclusively for members); an attempt to characterize aspects of the generation millennial (immediacy, hedonism, narcissism, and obsession with, social networks) have contributed to the accident, it was a non-event, and even has a interview with McFarland (Furst, one of the Directors has confirmed to talk about that on the website of the spy’s coat, that he was paid, about the movie, but it did not reveal the amount).

Now, “Fyre fraud” takes on a heavy McFarland and his employees, but on the question of disaster in the Caribbean is also a lack of ability shows itself is unthinkable, and the criminal negligence of the organisers had been warned several times that there is no time to produce a festival of this size).

There is a scene in the absurd, in a “plague in the Caribbean,” one of the men (for gay) – called to aid in the production of the invoice, which was a load of water in bottles, caught in the customs of the country. To fix the Problem, he was asked to perform oral sex on the officer responsible for the case (the guy who tells you that you have to come up with so much).

One of the main characters of this disaster is a True role, the owner of a restaurant on the island, and torrou R$ to feed 189 billion of their own savings, the workers and the public. One of the big on the internet, which he has collected and pay more than$ 489 thousand for the help to the local entrepreneurs.

Crossno says that the Fyre it was a nightmare, played a role, including the outlet.

“I managed to get a seat on the last level. I arrived at the airport at 23, and I went around 2 PM. But, as it were, in a third, we were the plane was forced to leave so that a new count of passengers to be carried out. It was almost 4 o’clock in the morning when we got back. By 6 PM we were told that the crew could not take us there, because he had already allowed more than the law. We went back in the lobby of the airport, and locked her in there without food or water, a man passed out. We were able to leave the island, only 10 o’clock.”