Final cut of Emilio with parents Juan Osorio and Nuelca Marcos

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - JUNE 24: Joaquin Bondoni, Emilio Osorio and Juan Osorio at the Jardin Plaza Hidalgo on June 24, 2019 in Mexico City El Corazon Nunca Se Equivoca

Joaquín Bondoni, Emilio Osorio and Juan Osorio during the presentation of the collection heart is never wrong 2019 (Credit: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images).

one of the purposes is Emilio Osorio Marcos when entering celebrity home (in addition to the possibility to win 4 million pesos) Proving he’s more than just the son of his famous parentsTV producer Juan Osorio and showgirl Nuerka Marcos.

During his stay of more than two months, he said this sentence many times. Reality Televisa seems to make up his mind this time Never associate it with a parent’s last name again.

Emilio Osorio (20) has been in the public eye since Nurka’s womb. As a child, he experienced bullying from classmates who provoked him for posing with his mother. playboy; when he started acting, he did it with Juan Osorio. But Emilio assured him he could take care of himself.

Newelka Marcos (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Newelka Marcos (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

The first work estrangement occurred in July 2022 when he announced his decision to let his father no longer represent him, “Relationships with family members are always going to be difficult, but I think we are very professional and I don’t think that decision has been made yet” It’s up to us as producers and actors, son and father to take it,” he said at the time.

In a recent interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, he revealed another sharp and drastic decision of his career: retiring from Osorio Marcos.

My classmate changed my name and I spent a lot of time talking about it, but the truth is I made the decision with my dad and I discussed it with my family too, it’s just El Halcón I’m going to put it in from now on , I’m going to get rid of Osorio Marcos.People decide, (team) decide, Hell and Network is a name that I feel is super cool, I feel supported every time they say it, so if I’m happy then I’ll do it and that’s itFalcon Emio

In drug-trafficking lingo, a “hawk” is a whistleblower, someone who spends his time monitoring the activities of public forces (police, military) or hostile groups, and then informs those who pay him. The translator of “It’s Crazy” probably earned him the nickname for his espionage of Team Cielo, which he later passed on to Team Infierno, which somewhat increased his team’s popularity.

“The eagle kid (…), he’s an eagle and he has to do everything. You’re an important part of the team,” Poncho de Negris told Young.

However, Emilio said his espionage skills may not be the reason for his unique nickname, “everything was fine until I realized ‘Halcón’ was being told through my nose.”

Whatever the reason, the fact is that Emilio has begun to distance himself from Nurka and Juan.

He made it clear in his press conference after the celebrity homethey asked her about a recent conflict between her parents (the actress alleged that the producers weren’t protecting their son more).

“My dad and my mom are completely different from me in so many ways and I respect their space and I respect their relationship as long as my dad is with me as always, a great dad and my mom is with I’m together and that’s who I am. That way, the relationship between the two of them is none of my business,” he said.

He admitted that the relationship between Marcos and Osorio has had “ups and downs” so far, although he “hopes it’s going to be okay, but it’s not”.

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