Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo-Version, game Download


Final Fantasy VII Remake. (Doc: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy VII Remakethe game published by Square Enix officially exclusive for the PlayStation 4 console (PS4) on April 10, 2020.

Before the Start of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, it is good that you prepare the capacity of the hard disk drive (HDD) to the PS4.

Why? Because on the basis of the latest leak, the installation file of the game, this is the capacity of the HDD more than 100GB.

This message unfold, unfold on social media Twitter on the account @TweakTown, on Wednesday (19/2/2020), photo cover of the game Final Fantasy VII Remake shows that to achieve the installation file, which is a fantastic figure, i.e. 100GB.

Information, Square Enix has confirmed so far, the game will come in two Blu-ray Discs. This means that each disc-game Final Fantasy is VII Remake, around 50 GB.