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As text editors have WYSIWYG it was only right that FPS have WYSIWYB, what you see is what you explode, thanks decisive,

Developer / Publisher: Embark Studio / Embark Studio worth: free to play Place: texts multiplayer: Current Peggy: Not Applicable Available at: PC (Steam), Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5

Some Video game They present themselves with a clear story that takes us along with them through the action, while others kick us from behind and throw us into the ground. Finals is a worthy representative of the second category, because without any explanation it introduces us to a virtual show in which teams of three players compete for fame, glory and money.

A competitive fps of a few wordsEmbark Studios job: Create your character, enter the arena, gain experience, level up, start over. While you’re at it, smash everything. How to resist an invitation to participate in a closed beta? Here are my impressions.

final take the money and run

Currently there are three game modes, all variations of the same concept, In one or more points of the map, Vaults appear, inside which is a good case of money to be withdrawn and deposited at your collection point. The team that collects a certain amount first wins, or the richest, The casual experience is offered by the “quick cash” challenge, a straightforward match in which three teams compete, while group tournaments are more complex in which four teams clash, with only the first two advancing to the next round until the final. Gives Clash. The duration of a run varies greatly depending on the type of match chosen and the balance of forces in the region. So when you enter the lobby be warned that you will not be there for anyone for a period between 15 and 30 minutes,

I am about to restore a fallen comrade.

There are no classes in the finals, But the body We can choose whether to be slim, normal or have a significant physique, Affects not only the number of hit points and movement speed, but also the equipment at our disposal: the tank – as it revolves around it – is the only one that can carry a rocket launcher while the only rogue is equipped with a katana. However, there is the question of size to consider, which creates some balancing problems. Screenshot in hand, the heavy build is 1398 pixels tall compared to the 1002 light build with the same shot. Assuming that the first is a giant of the caliber of Dwayne Johnson, the second would be like an 8 year old boy at 1.40 meters tall.

The distinguishing feature of The Final is the ability to destroy everything until the entire playing area turns into a parking lot dotted with piles of rubble

I’m not presenting this comparison from an aesthetic point of view, but rather inviting you to consider the hit box, or the large square that surrounds the protagonist of an FPS, as useful for determining whether a shot whether successful or not. Who among you would rather walk under a pile of pills the size of The Rock than a little boy, the only advantage being being able to absorb two or three more hits before dying, In this sense, Embark Studios will have to work a little harder.

what you see, you can destroy

Once we’ve customized our character’s look, outfit, accessories, and gestures, we’re ready for action. 2 maps available now: Berlin and Seoul. The first is located in a historic neighborhood, where narrow streets adjacent to ancient buildings lead to small squares and parks, while the second has a more modern appearance and develops mainly vertically, with multi-storey buildings, which give us a trampoline. And that forces you to take advantage of the trampoline. zipline to move with more agility. The time of day and atmospheric conditions are random, so we can fight fog during the day or rain at night, with all the consequences related to visibility. But the feature that sets The Final apart from all other FPS is the ability to destroy everything.

Something tells me I’m lucky I’m not there.

I’m not talking about barrels, crates, and doors, but turning the entire play area into a parking lot full of rubble. Running on a glass roof while bullets whistle and slabs fall all around me, or reforming yourself as an architect and opening new windows with the bazooka, it’s insanely fun.

The free-to-play formula it follows is Fortnite, with battle passes and in-game purchases that only unlock aesthetic rewards. expansion yields weapons

Falling debris, falling stairs, falling entire buildings, everything can turn into hell at any moment. Only time will tell whether demolition will be an integral part of the strategy or just a minor detail in the face of extreme competition. But so far an important dice has been cast and I hope everyone moves in that direction, Destroying everything, or even just knowing that you can, is wonderful.

What does “insert coin” mean?

Obviously the favorite target of our sights are the opposing players, And I love the way The Finals handles the kills, When we are killed, we drop a statue containing our attributes to the ground. If an accomplice passes by the crime scene, he can arrest us immediately or within seconds, whether he has a defibrillator or not, or maybe collect our beloved remains to operate on in a safe place. Or we can play with a token to respond immediately, a carefully weighed option since stocks are limited, and once exhausted we’ll have to wait patiently for one of our partners to intervene, or to wipe out the entire team, so that all three can be shared,


I’m not camping. I am assessing the situation.

This last possibility is interesting because it considers tactical suicides when we are left alone under enemy fire., And it is better to run towards the enemy’s bullets than to prolong the agony in vain and keep the comrades blocked. The voiceovers from the commentators are great, providing interesting clues in addition to commentary such as “Team X are in dire straits, they only have one player left”. And like in the movie The Hunger Games, the directors often come up with crazy ideas to make life even more complicated for the contestants, for example by unleashing a shower of fiery meteors on the city, or by halving the force of gravity, or maybe Double the damage-dealing ability. Every match can take an unexpected turn at any time, and you can’t be sure of winning until the winner appears on the screen. Graphically, The Final adopts the colorful look and impossible outfits of Fortnite, but stands out with its own personality. Instead what draws heavily from Epic Masterpiece is the monetization strategy, combining free to play battle pass with purely aesthetic rewards.

Graphically, Finals looks colorful and the unlikely outfit of Fortnite, but it stands out with a personality of its own, though, deriving the monetization strategy from Epic Games.

Weapons and equipment can only be unlocked through experience points, and there don’t seem to be paid shortcuts either. my biggest doubt, as a player Lonely, is the three-person team formula. Although objectives are marked on the map and the gameplay is all but simple, a close-knit team that hardly communicates in-game is capable of destroying any party of three strangers in a matter of minutes. So fingers crossed for a solo mode, meanwhile you try to make some new friends and blast the wishlist button as the game looks promising.

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