Final of the Tucumana League: serious incidents in Central Norte

The game that should not have been played because it was unauthorized by Sports Security, was played and ended badly. There were serious incidents in the development of the final of the Tucumana League Annual, which ended up winning Unión del Norte on penalties to Bella Vista. Although the game, in itself, was an anecdote.

From early on the fans were arriving, mostly from Bella Vista. And although the Police Infantry was present with troops, trucks and horses, they could not act to prevent the match.

Thus, some 8,000 people occupied the El Bosque neighborhood stadium. Bella Vista fans started to distort everything, when they fought each other in the first half. The party was stopped for a while. It resumed anyway. At halftime, more problems in the area of ​​the closed tribune on Marcos Paz street, which was invaded by the partiality of the “Gauchos”. Then the attacks on the fans of the Burruyacú team began.

In addition, after the goal of Bella Vista at 20, again the fight between members of the fans of that club. And again the game stopped.

With the tie at 38 for the “Cuervos” del norte, the worst moments came. His fans were not only harassed, but also attacked. Many took shelter in the Central North shed adjacent to the stands.

Despite everything, they continued playing. And when penalties determined victory and the title for Unión del Norte, Bella Vista fans lashed out at what they found at hand.

Bricks and stones; cumshots and blows. Tear gas. Beaten people and broken vehicles in the surroundings of the stadium.

The Northern Union players could not celebrate or receive the cup. For several minutes, they must have been locked in the locker room. Like the refereeing body and the press.

A disgrace from every point of view.

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