Final verdict in the case of Johnny Depp! The actor assaulted his wife 14 times during the marriage

Judges made the final decision if actor Johnny Depp was accused by his ex-wife, Amber Heard, of repeatedly assaulting her. According to the final decision, the star was found guilty.

Although the Hollywood star denied all the accusations and challenged the court’s decision, the verdict is final. He is guilty of physical aggression, repeatedly, on ex-wives. The court’s decision displeased the plaintiff, who claimed that the judges had been manipulated by Amber Heard. (READ ALSO: JOHNNY DEPP PUBLISHED THE SHAMEFUL REASON FOR AMBER HEARD’S DIVORCE: “HE MADE HIS NEEDS IN OUR BED”)

According to the actor, the decision was influenced by the fact that his ex-wife promised to donate the amount of 7 million euros, obtained after the divorce. Johnny Depp challenged the decision, but his appeal was denied, with judges arguing that they were not influenced in any way.

“We do not accept that there is reason to believe that the judge was influenced by any such general perception on which Mr Caldecott is based. First, he does not refer to her charitable donation at all in the context of the facts of the case. On the contrary, it mentions them in this very particular context …and after reaching conclusions on 14 incidents’, Judge Underhill said, according to international media.

Johnny Depp, found guilty

Although Johnny Depp was found guilty, his lawyers claim that the decision is unfair. On the opposite side of the barricade, Amber Heard said she was pleased that she had been done right. (SEE ALSO: JOHNNY DEPP TAKE THE STEP EVERYONE WAS WAITING FOR! MILLIONS OF FANS WERE IN ECSTASY)

“Amber Heard is not not at all surprised that the court denied Depp’s appeal. Evidence presented in the UK court cannot be denied.

To repeat, the initial verdict was that Johnny Depp beat his wife, Amber, on no less than 12 occasions and that she feared for her life. “ said Amber Heard’s lawyers.


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