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Finally! Camila Cabello will present her new song

United States. – Camila Cabello is about to release a new single “Don’t go yet” and you can pre-book. The singer hasn’t released any new material since 2019, when she released her album “romance“. Cabello fans are excited about the Cuban artist’s newness, and many of them have already pre-booked the material to be the first to hear it.

Cabello uploaded the official image of the single last week. From that moment, he updates his Instagram account with images that appear to be from the music video for the song soon to be released. Now the former’s followers Fifth Harmony they ask about a future studio album. But the singer still does not comment on it: as is known, the singles can come out up to a year before the release of the album itself.

Camila has taken advantage of her gap year, spending time with her family and her boyfriend. While the pandemic is and for many continues to be a difficult time, the singer decided to take it as a well-deserved vacation after a busy 2019. There he not only presented an album but also the single “Miss” with her now boyfriend Shawn Mendes. The song of both remained on the list of Billboard for many weeks.

Instagram: Camila Cabello

Although he took advantage of his rest time, he also missed some presentations that he had scheduled for last year, such as the one he had to give in the Irish capital, Dublin. In it he would present his past studio album as part of a tour that was beginning to take shape around that time; unfortunately for the Covid-19, the fans were left without the show.

but Camila Cabello it’s back and more refreshed, ready to launch into its next step in the music industry. If you’re a fan of the singer don’t forget that you can book the single from Cabello’s Instagram account or fill yourself with patience until July 23 when it will be released globally on all streaming platforms. With the advances that the artist gave on social networks, we already want to see her video clip.

Instagram: Camila Cabello

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