Finally! It reveals the reason why Kim and Kourtney came to blows


“I could be on my death bed, and even so I would to work. And mom knows. Is accustomed to that Khloé and I move forward even though we’re dying,” he said to annoyance of the question.

In the case of Kendall, Kim ended up admitting that the problems of anxiety of the young model is forced at times to cancel some of their commitments for reasons of force majeure, but refused to compromise on what she was referring to her other sister.

“You act as if I don’t make a m*rd“, reproached him for Kourtney, clearly furious. ‘You’ve mounted that story in your head… and I’ll kill you if you say something like that. I would leave everything working and, although I would not like to work and decided to stay home with my children, I would also be in my right to do so, asshole”.

From there the tension was on the rise until they came to blows. In the beginning only forcejearon and gave a couple of kicks while they were engaged in threats that seemed that Kendall did not know whether to take seriously or in jest, in view that I was trying to all lights to contain the laughter in front of the cameras, but the situation deteriorated quickly.