Finally, Jennifer Lopez will be planning her wedding with Alex Rodriguez


Finally, Jennifer Lopez will be planning her wedding to Alex Rodriguez. After a year of very busy, the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who starred recently in the film ‘Estafadoras on Wall Street, along with his girlfriend, Shakira, gave one of the performances highlights from the past ten years, in the context of the Super Bowl, there is already “ready”.

If Jlo who has a little more free time than usual, in order to start planning for the other major project that has been marked, in recent times, the your wedding, you are going to put up with the closure of the gold to his amazing relationship with With Alex Rodriguez..

The actress is Jennifer Lopez, who will, as a result, the one relative to the rest of the social networks and other public platforms, in order to devote as much time as possible to arrange your own link, all of which, with the invaluable help of her husband.

“The marriage of JLo and Alex, it should be done this summer, after having been postponed several times, and, as a result of the Super Bowl, and his commitments to film,” said a source close to the singer.

“But, Jennifer, you’re ready to change your focus and concentrate to the maximum in preparation for it. Your link is going to be, if not the first, at least one of their top priorities,” added the same informant, speaking to Us Weekly magazine.

However, we must not forget that in the next movie, the diva from the Bronx, called “Marry Me” will be released in the fourth quarter of this year, which will lead to the preparation of an extended period of interviews, and promotional events such as the preceding, and also that she revealed this week that it is back in the recording studio. You’ll have to see how the status of the artist, with a schedule so tight.

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