Finally, The Production Car Tesla Touch A Million Units


In General, the automotive brand with a performance celebration in each and every sale of the model car you are new. No exception-car-model Y of Tesla.

Quote from The Verge, Tuesday (13/3), the Twitter account of the CEO of Tesla’s own Elon Musk confirmed the cuitannya the model Y red that is a car that was founded to million, which was manufactured by the company electric car since the beginning of the year 2003. Below is a tweet from si Elon is.

The first vehicle produced by Tesla in order to bulk up the Tesla Roadster in 2008, with a body very similar to the sports cars of the British Lotus Elise. Then followed with the release of the sedan is the first electric Tesla Model S in 2011, the electric SUV, the Model X in 2017, and that this was the last model 3 and model Y. from there, it took about twelve years, the sum of one million cars reach up to now.

Tesla is planning to export about 500 thousand cars for the year 2020. In contrast to the Toyota group and the Volkswagen that can produce 10 million cars per year. Nevertheless, 1 million units is a great achievement for the production of electric cars.

For the Model Y is distributed in the middle of the year. For the cyber truck with the end of production in 2021 will start.For news about cyber truck, you can see here.

And a little note, from the number of cars that were produced, Elon Musk unintentionally an Easter Egg out of it. From S, 3, X, and Y. Medforians can understand it? 😏

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