Find Enrica and Ricardo in Pokémon Turquoise Mask to get over 1 million BOC

Two of the strangest characters we could ever meet. Paid DLC turquoise mask Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple they are rich people Enrica and Ricardo, a couple traveling the world in search of special places.What many players may not know is that thanks to these two wealthy men, we can Accumulated huge wealth of Bock coins In a short time, if you set it up well, you will easily achieve More than 1 million Items sold to you and various battles can save you money.

Next, in this entry Our complete guidewe will show you where you can find enrica and ricardo where each time they travel and What rewards will you get? In every meeting with them.

First location: Manzanar Mountain

  • Place: Manzanar Hill in Noroteo.

You can meet Enrica and Ricardo in the game from the first moment You will visit the Noloteo region, travel to the region manzanar mountain Located west of Villa Versui. You will see this wealthy couple near the hillside, looking at the villa.

When you first approach them and talk to them, they will immediately notice your presence and start calling you “civilian”.Enrica in the first meeting challenge battle. Accept it and you can fight it. Persian level 65.After defeating him you will receive A good deal of Bock coins ($17,420 to be more specific), the couple will travel to another location.

Second location: Angry Falls

  • Place: Halfway up the mountainside of the Wrath of Pardia Falls.

After the first meeting with Enrica and Ricardo, you must return Pardia region More specifically, visit the District 3 East, very close to the Basilica de Vastignes. The waterfall is located halfway up the mountain.

on this occasion you don’t need to fight Against Enrica.All you have to do is talk to her and she will give you 15 large pearls As a bonus. After that, the two went to another place.

Third location: between zones 1 and 5 (south)

  • Place: Located on a hill between zones 1 and 5 in southern Pardia.

As you should have guessed from the clues given to you, Enrica and Ricardo’s third location is located South between zones 1 and 5 There is a tree atop a rock in Paldea, located exactly where you see it on the map above.

Here you can talk to Enrica and Ricardo so they will give you the reward this case They will give you 15 nuggets They will return to Noloteo.

Location 4: Manzanar Mountain (again)

  • Place: Return to the Manzanar Mountains in Noloteo.

Enrica and Ricardo will appear again in noroteo region inside manzanar mountain. Unlike the first time, though, you’ll now find them on the slope leading up the mountain, near some planted apple trees.

In this meeting you must fight again against him Persian By Enrica. The Pokémon reaches level 65 again, and after defeating it, the battle will help you gain some Thousands of dollars as a bonus (also $17,420). Don’t get lost, the couple will return to Pardia.

Location 5: Lake Cazzola

  • Place: Located on a small island in the southwest of Lake Pardia Cazzola.

of Return to Pardia regionit’s your turn to search for Enrica and Ricardo in a huge area Lake Cazzola, northwest of the map. Luckily, it’s easy to find them here, as they are located on a small islet of the island. southwest corner of lakeno loss.

Chat with Enrica and Ricardo at this location to receive special rewards 10 string of pearls.

Location Six: Napada Mountains

  • Place: Located in the Napada Mountains, north of Paldia, Pueblo Holzcaillou.

In the penultimate position, Enrica and Ricardo will move towards napada mountains, a huge snow-capped mountain in northern Pardia.Specifically, you’ll find them easily if you go Heading north from the town of Hozkairu. Keep your eyes open to see them in the snow.

It will be helpful to meet Enrica and Ricardo at this location Get up to 10 Maxipepitas As a bonus, just to talk to them.

The seventh location: Lingshan District

  • Place: In the mountains of Pardia Zero District.

this The seventh and final position There you will find Enrica and Ricardo Zone Zero Mountains,As shown in FIG. Be careful, there are tricks here.You can only climb this part of the mountain When you already have access to the Pokémon League area From Pardia.

So while you can, head over to the Pokémon League and use your Pokémon to Jump to the mountain A huge moat surrounds have to go around ledge From here the moat begins until it passes behind Plateau City.Shortly before reaching area 3 (south) you should catch a glimpse of Enrica and Ricardo leaning on the edgeobservations and opinions.

Talk to the couple and you will immediately travel to a safer place to do so final battle.This time Enrica will use Tree Already level 65 Persian Level 69.

After this battle, you can Agent $35,052 Bodo Lares, the meeting with Enrica and Ricardo will end.Since this concludes this secondary event, you will receive the following award Special offer:

  • 25 Masipipitas
  • Luxury case
  • New Mecachis Gestures

How to win over 1 million BOC?

As we told you at the beginning of this article, thanks to Enrica and Ricardo, players can A total of more than 1 million of Pokdollars rewards, making this DLC pairing the fastest way to earn tons of money in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. how? so easyNotice.

First, all the items the rich couple gives you every time they meet can be Sold at high prices in stores Game. Other than that, they have no use, so don’t worry, you can sell them.Just sell all the items you should earn About 800,000 BOC.

But, besides that, You can maximize the money you earn With Enrica and Ricardo, if you do the following before fighting women:

  • Equip Amulet Coin: One of your Pokémon can carry this item into battle, doubling the battle buff.
  • Extra salary changes: Using this attack in combat doubles your final bonus.
  • Payday Movement: You can use Meowth who knows this attack in battle to earn more money.
  • Gold Rush Movement: If you have a Gholdengo, take it out during battle to make more money.

Remember, if you purchased the Pokémon Scarlet and Purple Expansion Pass Before October 31, 2023 you can receive Unique Gifts Online Emerald Zoroark Who already knows about the “Extra Pay” movement.

Anyway, if you don’t have this Pokémon as a gift, we recommend You use meow Have a payday or Goldengo With Gold Rush (in addition to one of the equipped Amulet Coins, don’t forget) this way, the Pokdollars you get at the end of each fight with Enrica will be double or even more than what you would normally get. So, at the end of the whole process, You will make over a million dollars Between battles and item sales. And all this without even breaking your hair. What a bargain!

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