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The fall of David (Armando Babaioff) in the form of tense and intense, in a Good result. In the area of four chapters, the character of the rights to the book, Eric (Jonas Bloch), loses you will be in misery, and you will notice that you ripped off of Jean (Sheron Menezzes). Revenge, he sequestrará a lover, and put a fire in the publishing house, with all the staff and the family, on the Prado Monteiro on the inside. The lawyer will not be able to escape from the flames, and it is believed to be dead, but his body was not found.

Mark (Romulo stars), you will be able to find it in a barn, on the evidence that I needed in front of David: an author of the original manuscript of the book of Eric, he sent it to a publisher 50 years ago, with the seals and stamps of the time. The material will be assessed by the court shall take into account the bad character of a person.

At the same time, Pessanha (Walter Breda) sought by the police after a stabbing at the Ramon David (Junior). It will be at the hotel for David to get more money from the guy, it will be recognized by a policeman in civilian clothes, and you will go to jail. In particular, that he had committed a series of crimes at the behest of the lawyer.

Therefore, the order is issued on remand, for the series. You will know that hear it from a brand that is in the figure of Armando Babaioff, at the end. He decides to flee with a lover, and the trip will show what is already known about the betrayal of him.

David takes you to the waitress for a publishing house in the middle of the night, and I will take you out of the trunk of the car for three liters of gasoline. At the entrance, and he will give it a shot want, and kill them in the safe, without hesitating even for a moment. “You turned out to be a monster, David. When did this happen?”, he is reprimanded, that the character of Sheron Menezzes. “There is a line that, once you get going, it is impossible for me,” will you as a villain.

He is Meredith to tie to a chair and tapará to her mouth with duct tape. The evil character, and then spread to the whole of the gas by the publisher, and wait for people coming in. As fate would have it, Alberto (Antonio Fagundes), and Paloma (Grazi Massafera) will be there, in addition to Mario’s (Lúcio Mauro Filho), Nana (Fabiula Nascimento), and Mark it, to celebrate the departure of David from the company.

If selected, it is out of his hiding place, a weapon at anyone. “I told you, it was to be held in June. After all, those who play with fire…”, said the lawyer, the seconds later, he ateará fire to the publisher, with a lighter.

Fire and terror in the

The whole of the company, will be set on fire, and some of the staff threaten to run away. “Nobody moves or he dies! I thought as much, now that I have the last dish!”, sentenciará the villain was arrogant.

Nana is convinced that her ex-husband let the officers and the sobrarão only he, Mark, Mario, Alberto, Joanna (Alex North), and Install it. All desesperarão and xingarão De. In the meantime, the fire will get stronger and stronger. “We are all [para o inferno] hand-in-hand. The post goes into resonance with our arrival to celebrate

During all this time, you will try to publish it. The discussions in the hall of the publishing house will be continued, and at the time of the Mark threat of attack on the burning a book on the Desk, you will be able to jump from his back. In the fall he dropped the gun.

“They will be gone! Run away from here! Fast!” it will be send. In addition, tries to save Meredith, but the flames are blocking your way. The former personal assistant of the Station, and David is embolados in the fight, while others come from the editor.

The fire brigade will come, socorrerão the injured and extinguish the fire. But for the lovers, is awarded to the victims of the fire. “The fire was already too advanced for you. Unfortunately, there was nothing more left. Neither has anyone else. For the skills we are looking for some fragment of the body, but it is not impossible that they may have been charred completely. I’m sorry,” he says of the fire.

Nana’s and Alberto’s lament for the death of a former employee, and to recognize the bravery of the gesture to her. A (Marcello Melo Jr () and He (and Diego Montez) is sad to lose Jean.

But, since this is a tv drama series, to find the bodies of the two were, in a way, that they have not been killed, in fact. The scenes of the fire brigade expected to on air from the Chapter, the next one on the 17th, in the third week, a Good result.

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