Find out what is the secret capture method for Usha Luna Red Moon in Pokémon Turquoise Mask

Usaruna Red Moon is one of the new and completely original Pokémon DLC From “Turquoise Mask” Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple and one of them The most special creature since it has a Specific capture methods Most players won’t know. Obviously, you can’t find it anywhere in the Noloteo region, but you’ll have to take a series of actions to get it.

Next to this entry Our complete guide we will show you All requirements and steps What do you have to do in the game Locate and get Go to the Red Moon of Usaruna, Usaruna’s new independent form, so you can complete the Noloteo Pokédex.

Get the requirements for Ursaluna Luna Crimes

arrive Choosing to Capture Ursaluna Luna Crime In Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, you need to abide by the following rules Require:

  • Obviously, you need to have Purchased the expansion pass Access DLC and Noroteo areas.
  • After entering a new area, you must Catch and register at least 150 Pokémon In the Noloteo illustrated book.
  • Once you’ve done this, you can start gamma photography missionIs the photographer of Villa Versui.

Please note that it is important to note that you must Register 150 Pokémonthat is to say, Just seeing them is not enough in combat. You must capture a copy of each Pokémon (or obtain them through evolution) until your registered count reaches is only way Begin Gamma’s mission. Luckily, if you’ve completed the Paldea Pokdex before, you’ll have about 100 Pokémon registered in Noroteo, which will save you some time.

Photographer gamma is Near the west exit of Villa Versui. You’ll easily recognize her because she’s taking pictures and always standing next to the Emerald Growlithe (she also has a yellow speech bubble above her head when you first approach it).

How to find and capture the Usaruna Red Moon?

once you have meet preliminary requirements We showed you above in the Pokémon Turquoise Mask game that you can start a quest from Photographer Gamma that will eventually take you to Guaranteed catch of Ursaluna Luna Carmes.

First, before starting the task, you will have to fight Against Gamma, but it’s an easy fight.Just use a owl Level 68 and Ye Feng Level 70.

After defeating Gamma, you can start his photography mission very simple And lead you to find the whereabouts of Ursaluna Luna Carmes.

jungle research mission

If you have questions, look here Let’s summarize the steps You must perform in Gamma’s mission:

  • Heading to Semperno Jungle: Northeast of Ogre Mountain, look for the Gamma there to tell you the plan.
  • Resting in a tent: Waiting for a foggy night to happen.
  • Go shoot 10 types of Pokémon: You have to walk, without the Pokémon, and try not to scare the Pokémon away in addition to taking photos where you can clearly see the Pokémon.
  • After taking photos of 10 Pokémon: The Red Moon of Usaruna is about to appear, and you must fight him.

As you can see, during this task you must random search The forest is filled with different types of Pokémon.we are special We discovered the following Pokémon Our itinerary includes: Sudowoodo, Spinarak, Seedot, Litwick, Geodude, Duskull, Salandit, Vikavolt, Hatenna and Tynamo.

These they’re not the only ones Samples you can find. For example, there are many more products like Hohoot or Skwovet. Try to find Pokémon thoroughly in bushes, high treetops, lake areas, or small caves in the area.and Guided by sounds and radar on the minimap Find out where they are near you. You can find 10 different species in just a few minutes.

Battle with Usaruna Red Moon

Finally, after completing the investigation of the photo, Ursaluna Luna Carmes will appear In the forest, you have to fight him like he is the final boss.

  • this Fighting is mandatory In the meantime you still can’t catch it.
  • you have to Reduce all health points Weaken it (don’t worry, that’s part of the mission).
  • Remember, Usaruna Moon is a Pokémon Level 70 of Earth type and normal type.
  • it has Mind’s eye skills and the Crimson Moon, Living Earth, Cuchillada and Mental Peace movements.
  • yes weak Fights against Water, Ice, Fighting, and Grass-type Pokémon.
  • yes resistance Rock-type and poison-type Pokémon.
  • yes immunity Fights against Electric and Ghost-type Pokémon.

When you manage to reduce all of Usaruna Red Moon’s health, the Pokémon Be stunned, that’s the moment you’re allowed to capture it. Choose a Magic Ball and throw it to them, eventually becoming yours and registering it in the Blog Pokédex.

and be ready, That’s all you need to know About this curious Poké not forget Return to Villa Versui Complete Gamma’s quest and receive two special rewards from her. Now you know how to make it happen!

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