Find out which celebrity to recreate this summer

L’summer, as you know, is one of the most popular seasons, it offers the opportunity to showcase many star-inspired looks. From street fashion and comfortable to charm glamor AND chicthere are many styles to explore.

This year we were inspired by the catwalks of the most prestigious fashion houses, but celebrities more chill moment. Among other things, the Barbiecore style, interpreted two lips, Claire Ferragni AND Kim Kardashianoffers a playful and engaging aesthetic inspired by the latest film – bestseller – Greta Gerwig. Vibrant colors, sparkling details and bold combinations are at the heart of this look that pays homage to iconic Barbie style.

For those who prefer a bigger look cool and elegant Kylie Jenner offers Total White. This minimalist and airy style is perfect for summer days, emphasizing its lightness and freshness. White dresses, perhaps in light, flowing fabrics, create a sophisticated sheen. eternal.

On the other side, Selena Gomez inspires us with its bold and sophisticated look total red. Be it an evening dress or a casual ensemble, this color nuances it’s definitely a way to make more than a bold style statement.

Explore our gallery of the best star-inspired looks forsummer 2023 and find inspiration for summer style that reflects your personality and adventurous spirit.


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