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Finder Expert Panel Recommends Litecoin to Rise Above 40% to $ 266 per LTC by Year-End – Altcoins Bitcoin News

Product comparison site Finder published a report that interviewed 42 financial technology (fintech) professionals and found that the group’s average forecast is that the value of litecoin’s crypto asset will exceed $ 200 by the end of 2021. Charlie Lee traded between $ 175 and $ 187 in 2011 during the last three days.

Average Forecast Among 42 Fintech Experts Says Litecoin Will Hit $ 266 By End Of 2021

Recently, Bitcoin.com News reported forecasts on the prices of bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and dogecoin (DOGE) via surveys from finder.com. For example, Finder expert panels suggest that DOGE prices reach $ 1.21 by 2025 and $ 3.60 by 2030. Additionally, another panel report from finder.com shows that experts believe the value of ether will reach 4.5. $ 000 this year and $ 18,000 in 2025. Fintech candidates who spoke about litecoin (LTC) show that most panels agree that LTC is expected to be worth $ 266 by the end of the year.

However, since the boom in various crypto assets, LTC has lost its place in the top ten market capitalization positions. The encryption tool has been in the top ten contestants for at least a decade, but has recently been suppressed by competitors. Today, LTC is ranked 14th in terms of market capitalization, with a market capitalization of $ 12.53 billion. Search engine panels don’t think Litecoin can make it back into the top ten, and 76% of fintech experts think they can’t.

The Finder panel that discussed litecoin (LTC) forecasts includes Sagi Bakshi, CEO of Coinmama, Joseph Raczynksi, a Thomson Reuters technologist, and Dr. Iwa Salami, a university professor at the University of East London. 81% of finder.com panels say that litecoin is losing relevance. However, one person was much more optimistic about LTC than the rest of the panel and told Finder that their forecasts for each year included “$ 900, 3,000 and 6,000.”

A third of panelists believe that Charlie Lee Litecoin’s action has frustrated the image of the coin

John Hawkins, a senior fellow at the University of Canberra, gave Finder the lowest price forecast for LTC, and his prediction is around $ 80 per unit. “Litecoin now has little profile in the media and does not seem to offer an advantage over bitcoin,” Hawkins emphasized. Allnodes CEO Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky said the LTC will cost $ 180 by the end of the year and more than $ 300 by 2025.

“The price of Litecoin doesn’t always seem to correlate with the price of Bitcoin, which is very interesting to watch. However, this makes it even more difficult to forecast the price of LTC in 10 years, ”said the director of Allnodes.

15% of Finder panels believe that by the end of the year, LTC could be back in the top ten. A third of the entire group said that Charlie Lee’s sale of LTC “ruins litecoin’s reputation.” However, some believe that LTC has brand recognition and the outlook for Trade the Chain co-founder Ryan Gorman is optimistic.

“New hires in the space will continue to trade Litecoin because it is always one of the first encryption tools to be added to newer ramps like Paypal, Venmo, etc. Gorman commented. The report published on finder.com can be read in its entirety. here.

What do you think of finder.com’s litecoin forecast dashboard? Let us know what you think on this topic in the comment section below.

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