Finished Release, Samsung Galaxy M21 use of the AMOLED screen and battery Jumbo


Samsung-Building Campus. (Samsung) – Another new smartphone from Samsung is ready to release you. This time the Samsung Galaxy M21 to revive ready to go to the market in March 2020, as well.

As the Galaxy series M, no doubt, the new smartphone comes with an affordable price. Like most of the galaxy’s M other.

Quotes from GSM Arena, Samsung Galaxy M21 is ready to be launched in India on may 16. March 2020.

Don ‘ T play, Samsung Galaxy M21 is the new smartphone that is interesting. Especially on the side of the screen and battery jumbo.

Samsung Galaxy M21 put is touted on the display with a 6.4-inch Super-AMOLED. Screen of luxury for a cheap smartphone.

To the Affairs of the battery, the Samsung is the embedding of the battery of the jumbo with a capacity of 6,000 mAh. Capacity, which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy M30.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy M21 is touted, three-camera rear. One of them carry a camera 48 MP.

The Samsung Logo. (Samsung Newsroom)
The Samsung Logo. (Samsung Newsroom)

From leaked before leaked in the Geekbench, the new smartphone from Samsung with the chipset of Exynos-9611 combined with 4 GB of RAM and runs Android 10.

Supposedly the new smartphone in the Geekbench to this is the Samsung Galaxy M21. There are also rumors that silence, when the smartphone with the RAM of 6 GB, with storage options of 64 GB and 128 GB.

However, some of the above information is just a leak. We see more details on the launch of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy M21 on 16. March 2020 in India.