Finn Balor explains why ‘Doomsday’ is equal to The Beatles

Finn Balor explains why ‘Doomsday’ is equal to The Beatles
(Courtesy of World Wrestling)

According to Sports Illustrated, Finn Balor explained why each of the members of “Doomsday” is a representative of the Beatles.. Just last month at Money in the Bank in London the stable paid tribute to the legendary band who recreated the famous Abbey Road album cover“.

Finn then explained how his comrades play the role of “cockroaches”. Defines myself How Paul McCartney, Rhea connects it with John Lennon, Dominic To Ringo Starr AND Damien Priest To George Harrison.


“Paul certainly wasn’t a brilliant musician, but he was the voice of reason in the band. Rhea is perfect for John. Full of natural charisma and loving personality behind that intimidating look. Dom and Ringo speak for themselves. He may not be a fan favorite, but like Ringo, Dom is a company favorite and brings a lot of humor to everything. Damien is like George, George was certainly underestimated, but when he got his chance he shone, just like Damien against Bad Bunny or Money in the Bank, he always shows his worth.”

Summerslam is on its way. Finn will have another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth “Freakin” Rollins.after the failure of the Money in the Bank assault, while Señor Money in the Bank creeps menacingly with his briefcasewaiting for the best moment to collect. He was the only one who paused in front of a picture of Roman Reigns during a Supershow event in Mexico, slapping his hand on his briefcase. Unfortunately for Dominik, nothing is planned for the biggest event of the summer, and no other plans have been announced for the NXT North American Championship since his title defense at the Great American Bash. For RheaInstead of, his participation in Summerslam is still uncleargiven the inclusion of Slim Jim Battle Royal, due to some cuts in playtime and some matches being rescheduled to other events, if not even Raw.

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