Fire officer with Covid-19 that spat doctors


Fire officer with Covid-19 that spat doctors

Daniel Lopez Regalado spat to workers of the Regional Hospital ISSSTE “Presidente Juarez” because he felt that there he was attended to quickly


To more than 48 hours of the alleged assault to medical staff and patients of the Hospital Regional del ISSSTE “President Juarez, which is located in the City of Oaxaca, by the Head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, in the region of the Isthmus, Daniel Lopez Regalado, not to be seen quickly to have symptoms for Covid-19, the Secretariat of Health of Oaxaca (SSO) announced the dismissal of its officer.

Through a press release, issued minutes before midnight, the agency reported the cessation of Lopez Regalado; then you have known about his inappropriate behavior with medical personnel and users of the ISSSTE, where he arrived as successor-in-interest.

Disregard healthy distance in Chiapas and Oaxaca on Sunday

The determination institutional has its origin in the versions broadcast on social media early Sunday when the doctor and servant came to be admitted as a patient suspected of contagion, and does not receive the attention they expected, “he spat deliberately to nurses, physicians, and patients and left the facility.”

Through the account “HRPJ ISSSTE Oaxaca Wakes up” in Facebook, its members warned the beneficiaries “do not wander through the facilities of the hospital due to the risk of infection, although , what is reported as ‘stable’; “the doctor and also the owner of the Jurisdiction, number 2, demanded immediate attention”, they referred the complainants.

At the express request of an institutional position on the course that involved its official, the Secretariat of Health of Oaxaca has determined not to issue comments during two days, at the close of the interviews for this issue.

After confirming the dismissal of the now exfuncionario, the state government said that the determination is intended to give passage to the corresponding investigations on alleged acts of aggression.

The whole time that such an attitude does not reflect the principles of respect, integrity, or vocation of service to the citizens.”

The exfuncionario is stabilized, receiving medical and psychological care, under permanent surveillance, by giving positive coronavirus Covid-19, ended the statement.


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