fire triangle under mesh

Zendaya made them lose their minds. And now the Hollywood star is in the center of the cinematic triangle.

Lorenzo Musetti His performance will be volatile as he is madly in love with his Veronica. Matthew Berretini Instead he would have wound up guilty of “forcing” a tennis player of his stature to lead an exorbitantly mundane life because of Melissa’s power.

Two Tennis Players Competing for Zendaya: The Fire Triangle Under the Net

but that’s only a tiny part of it criticisms Which are addressed to athletes on a daily basis who, according to common opinion, should live in a hermitage and deprive themselves of the pleasure of developing an emotional relationship. binomial courtshipIt has never been disliked since the world began. Just that earlier there was no social media and hence not everyone had the right to speak on the stories and decisions of the players. Now, alas, everyone has this ability, including the haters. And that explains why the blue tennis players have been under fire ever since they made their respective relationships public.

Slated to hit the big screens next September, the film will also talk about love under a net and boasts of an actress who has broken many hearts among its stellar cast. let’s talk about ZendayaThe 26-year-old from Oakland, who starred in three films dedicated to the character of Dune and Spider-Man. A woman, in short, very controversial.

Zendaya obsessed with tennis: a cinematic triangle

And it will also be contested in the film Challengers, the latest work of the Italian director Luca Guadagnino, who, for the occasion, have put together an esteemed cast that includes Jake Jensen, AJ Lister, Andre Gadbois, Connor Murray and Mike Feist, in addition to the fabulous California actress.

zendaya will play Tashi, a former tennis player who had to retire from the circuit despite a serious injury. Competing for it will be her husband and her ex-boyfriend, who are themselves two players and who will doubly compete on the tennis court.

a film that talks about love but above all Play, therefore, and whose plot is not far from reality. Under the net, over the years, many stories and many more such stories have been born triangle, which is why it will be really interesting to find out how Guadagnino developed such a complex subject. It is certain that the presence of Zendaya, who has a certain appeal as she is very popular, will be a big boost to the film, whose trailer gives us a small taste of the visuals and the realistic nature of the script. Hence, it should not be missed, especially if you are a tennis lover.

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